Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Desaru International Long Distance Triathlon 2008

2km swim 90km bike 21km run

I was mad! After only completing 1 olympic distance, I had the balls to try a Half Ironman...in Desaru.

Yup, I'm crazy, no doubt about that.

But sad to say, I DNF Desaru.....sob...sob.... completed everything except the swim which I did 1 loop of 1km instead of 2 loops. Bummer!!

But it's alright...I live to tell and aim for it next year....yes....next year. I'll be back!

Even though I DNF, it was a superb experience. I know where I stand in triathlon, the splendid endurance sport.
Honestly speaking, I didn't train my swim. How crazy or duh can I get huh? Hahahaha!
But seriously the sea was choppy. Waves tossed us around like mini yellow ducks, front back left right up down. In the first loop, with around 2oom to shore, I switched from breaststroke to freestyle. Wrong move and cramps started to bite. I quickly headed to a buoy for dear life. I even shouted to the rescue jet ski and I hanged on to his float a couple of minute before swimming to shore.
When I touched land, I told myself to sit my ass down and chill! 40min for 1km. Slow suffering loop.
One by one got out of their swim and ran up to the finishing point heading to their bikes. As the minutes went by, I regretted not completing this swim. But it's not the end. There's 90km and 21km to go. So I slowly walked towards the transition and slowly put on my gear. I started riding after 1hr20min has passed. That would probably be my swim time if I had completed 2nd loop.

Therefore I sincerely salute the Half and full Ironman!

My DNF results are...

1km swim - 40min
90km bike - 3hr18min
21km run - 2hr38min (bad cramps, no food, bad mood, no mood...)
The 90km bike ride at mid day was sun burner. Even going 30-40kmh, I could feel the tarmac heat. Thank God the sky opened and poured on us halfway on our ride. The rain did some cooling, at least for a while. 3 loops of 30km and 3 powergels kept me going for the run.
My time was 4hr 34min when I left transition on my Mizuno running shoes. 5min into the run and both legs cramped. Muscles needed 20min to adjust from cycling to running. When I got the legs right, loop 1 of 10km was pretty smooth. However, the sky dumped heavily in my 2nd loop and cramps crawled back. I hit the wall. Bang! Walked most of loop 2 with hunger pangs. I ran out of gels after the ride. Desperately as I dragged my legs, my eyes searched the road for dropped bananas or powergel. None!
The water stations had none either. 10km I craved for big mac and whoppers. At every water stations I downed cups to keep the hunger pangs at bay. Then....miraculously I found a banana with 5km to go! Yeah, food glorious food!!!! But only 1! Somehow somewhere the station marshall dug out a hidden banana. Wonderful! I've never tasted a banana as tasty as that!
After the banana experience, slowly I dragged on. Tried to sing but my mind was tired to think of anything else.
At 7hr8min, lo and behold....the finish arch.
Although my name was mentioned and finisher medal was given to me, I didn't deserve it. I did not do the complete Half Ironman. I was short of 1km swim.
Next year it will be different :)
Desaru is a beautiful hidden slice of paradise. Managed to snap some sunrise pics

Don't look at the car, it's the bikes!!!!! The cervelos!!!!!

Yes, I have a cervelo in my car!!....but...err...it ain't mine...it's ultraman Ngae'sWahlau...I look kinda fat compared to that dude beside me ya. Dang! Time to cut down on my nasi lemak, char kueh tiaw, whopper, roti canai, .....sheeesh...how can?!?!? Better ask that guy to eat more!!!

Footprints I left....memories I treasure....Desaru I ponder...

Larian Tikus - Rat Race 2008

This has got to be the fastest I've blogged about an event...and I'm not in it!!!!!!! Haiya!!!!

5pm the CEOs were flagged off. Run fatmen run!!!

1ominutes later, all the other categories...open, mixed ran like hell.

100m into the 5km race.....Tony is very happy

Kiat is pacing well with the fast leading group

Digi yellowman forever looks pregnant!

100m left to go....Kiat is 3rd....oh boy, he sure looks like a rat being chased by a cat!

100m to go Tony.....alamak....Tony is probably cursing his boss...can stay in office enjoy aircon don't want but rather go smell smoke and look like salted fish...hahaha!

Habis...tamat....balik kerja!!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


That's the clear Wee Wee Wall in the gents at Jaya One, PJ. New age? It exudes a very natural feeling, just like us peeing in nature. Hahahaha!
I bet the plants inside suffer everytime someone does his business. Nutrition for them...so near yet so far......sigh....
By the way, if you never knew, our pee contains urea, which makes plants grow bigga and stronga.
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