Tuesday, August 31, 2010

God's Infinite Patience

Dear Friend in the Lord,

God’s Infinite Patience: In today’s Gospel, Jesus explains how God has infinite patience with us through the Mercy He shows us . Otherwise, we would have all destroyed ourselves through our sinful ways . Should we not be deeply grateful to God for His Mercy and live more fully in His ways?

Fr Philip Heng,S.J.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Assumption of Mary

Dear Friend in the Lord,

Assumption of Mary: The Holy Spirit is always in our hearts. However, the great difference between Mary and us is that Mary is constantly faithful and fearless in living God’s Will while we live God’s Will conditionally and inconsistently because we love ourselves more than we love God.

Fr Philip Heng,S.J.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Klang Valley Bible Conference 2010

Klang Valley Bible Conference (KVBC) 2010

Speaker: Dr Don Carson

Subject: Expositions of selected Parables of Jesus

Date: September 13th - 15th, 2010

Time: 8.15pm - 10.00pm

Venue: Clubhouse of the Tropicana Golf and Country Resort


Monday, August 9, 2010

Durian - musang king

Musang King - the most expensive durian variety.
RM20+ in SS2

But is it the best?

I must say it's subjective. Some love it but there are some who prefer different varieties.

Musang king has a bitter end, so for those who love their durians bitter sweet, this is worth a try. But for those who can't seem to enjoy the bitterness, some said it taste like chinese medicine!!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Kingdom of Heaven

Dear Friend in the Lord,

Kingdom of Heaven”: In today’s Gospel, Jesus speaks of the Truth of “The Kingdom of Heaven” as the most precious possession of everything we have and can ever hope to have in life . If we love God deeply, we will surely experience this to be very true . That is why people live and die for their faith .

Fr Philip Heng,S.J.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

PR tri report

This year's PD triathlon has to be the biggest event ever! More than 1000 participants!
Must congrats uncle Chan & team for a well organised event.For this year's OD, my preparation was somewhat different if compared among the years. This year, afterm IM Langkawi, I've not done any run longer than 21km and as for cycling, nothing more than 60km. Swim, well, that's even worse! Nothing more than 1km!So I just wanna have fun in PD.
Mich & I reached PD on Sat just in time for lunch after taking our bibs and goodie bag. The same old restaurant, somewhere along Jalan Kampung Arab. Nice & delicious!
After lunch, back to PD Resort, unpack and rested. We went for a short swim around 6pm. Water was nice & calm so I swam all the way to the big buoy. Hmm...didn't realised it was 350m out and 350m back. It's gonna be freestyle all the way on race day :)
Dinner was the usual carbo loading. We were lucky to be using the hall on the 1st floor. Fortunate enough to be the first few digging the food after a 'kwailow' insisted dinner at 730pm sharp! Actually we were asked to wait for VIP til an official let us in as those so called VIPs had another dinner room.
The same funny briefing by uncle Chan after dinner. We all got back to PD resort around 9pm and did final check on our bikes before zzzzzzz.
Race day- zipadeedoodah zipadeeyeah my oh my what a wonderful day!
Thank God the water was calm, unlike last year when it felt like a washing machine swim. I was in the 2nd wave flag off and this time, I'll see how my freestyle is. To reach the big U turn buoy was tougher than expected. Took me 20min but coming back was 16min. Total swim 36min...it's a lot faster than my breastroke!After transition into bike, I was out at the same time as Lee and Sofian. The senior veteran category was flagoff 10min after us so u can imagine how fast he swam.
The first 20km to the U turn was smooth riding with a few of us drafting each other. But approaching 20km, there was cow stampede!!! Cows after cows were running across the road. We had to jam out brakes all of a sudden. Luckily nobody crashed into those "running ramly burgers". After U turn, same thing happened again. And this time, we had to stop almost 1 min waiting for the cows to cross the road. From then on, that's how the peloton grew in size.
Running after riding is my biggest worry as usually I will surely have cramps on my quads. This time, I used the big crank during my ride as advised by Shem from Ironguides in our training session a couple of weeks earlier. So I started the first few km running with high cadence in very very small steps. Quads were twitching but...NO CRAMPS! Yeah! My 5km split was 23min and coming back 22min. Clearly the distance must be shorter than 10km!Anyway, happy to finish with a time of 2:38, my best time so far.
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