Saturday, January 5, 2013

My First Individual Top10 trophies!

7th in half marathon, Setia Alam
Ever since I started joining road running races way back in 2006, winning a trophy or just achieving a Top10  position in individual races never happened. Why? Cos I'm not fast enough...I'm slow...never a competitive material.  Top10 is just a dream.

I still remember in 2006/7, finishing top100 was my target as medals were limited then. It was a good way to encourage people to "fight" for a medal.

From then on, I saw my position rolling down...top100...top75...top50...

Finally! Year 2012, position tumbled down to Top10 with trophies!!Yahoo!!!!!

8th in 12km run, Klang

There were a few events I finished Top10 but trophies were for Top5.  Boo hoo hoo! :(

One thing I must remember is that not all the fast legs were there and that's how I finished Top10. HAHAHA!

If they joined, I'm usual.

In the most recent race, Larian Tahun Baru 1Malaysia on 31Dec2012 where top3 prizes were RM3,000 , RM2,000 and RM1,000 with consolation RM500, it was swept by national runners!

Highest paid 7km race ever!

Where did I stand?


Yup, I'm still way behind the Top10 runners. My time was 28:12 while no.10 was 24++
I'm still 1km behind when he finished.

Champion clocked 23:40!!!

For now, when elites & fast legs run, my target is Top20  :)


Fabio said...

Well done tomatoman, keep up the good work.

Piffles said...

hehehe don't we all go through the same thing. :)

anyway, you're still one of the fast legs!

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