Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bukit Kiara trail run

Ramadan month means no competition. So it's training month for me. Last month, the number of events was amazing! Packed to the brim whereby the organisers cramped all they can before fasting month begins.

Last Sunday, instead of the usual road running, I grouped some trail lovers for a run in Kiara trails. Nice to have 10. Unlike road running where you need to wake up very early, well, not trail running. Can't start too early cos it's dark! Trail running needs sunlight. So 8am ok, 10am ok, even 12pm is ok! That's the beauty of it. Shades under trees give you enough cover from the sun.

10 of us, with a couple of newbies who's doing it first or second time. Glad they are exploring trails. We had it in Bukit Kiara. It's right in the middle of Klang valley, famous among MTB riders. I ran the trails a few times before but there's more to be explored.

We head off 830am...

The moment I stepped into trail from the tar road, I feel free! Freedom! Straight away I have a connection with nature. Fast, slow, up, down, climb, run & let go!

We covered 15km and time spent in the greens was about 2hr30min.

Great fun! There will be more trail runs from now on.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

From silver to gold

In June, I received silver medals...pewter also considered silver la...maybe I should put it as silver colour... more appropriate. Hahahaha!

Silver medals

In July, I got 2 gold medals! ntv7 fun run and PD Triathlon. Wow! From silver to gold. Terrific isn't?

Maybe platinum next?
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