Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2 secs on the surf board

Surfing in Cherating. Well, I almost did it...was standing on the surfboard for 2secs before getting dumped back into the sea.
Had my first taste in surfing over last Christmas weekend. Drove to Kuantan with Michelle after a nice Christmas lunch with her parents at Plaza Damas. We tried a Jap-Western fusion lunch at La Yosh restaurant.
In Kuantan, we stayed with the MTB gang; Kenny, Debbie, Lee, Yap & Lydia. Too bad we were not into MTB...yet...as we missed their ride at Sg Lembing. So Sat morning after breakfast, the MTB gang went one way and surfer wannabes went the other. Together with Bernard & Lina, off we headed to Cherating.
I must say surfing is a lot harder than it looks. I decided to do some open water swimming instead while Michelle became a surfer girl.
As for me, I tried and was a 2 seconds surfer. Bummer!


Lydia said...

dont give up! Debbie could stand on long on her second attempt! next round we ALL go surfing yeah?

Anonymous said...

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