Monday, March 4, 2013

2013...up and down...

2013 us zooming pass at high speed!

Chinese New Year  and Valentine's Day have passed...Election Day coming soon...and after that, whatever day will come...some kind of a day...

I've had UPs and DOWNs...

Multi Purpose 12km run was UP!
Pleasantly surprised to finish 6th! Woohoo! It's the biggest trophy I have!

But Gunung Datuk Challenge of 14km was a DOWN! A better time recorded but position wise, it was much worse than last year. Last year position 30+ and this time, 50+

Army boys are just too good. They dominated this sort of event, which is their forte of course, being a commando or soldier.

Chap Ayam Relay Run was UP!
Together with Ronnie & Michelle in Mixed Category, we raced with the usual fast legs who so happened chose Mixed Category as well. A nail biting race! 3km loop around Tugu Negara. I started followed by Ronnie and Michelle was the anchor runner. 3rd we finished, a good start for Year of the Snake.

Yesterday was Brooks Half Marathon 2013. My last 21km race was on Penang Bridge last November. Haven't been taking part in long distance since then, so there goes my long distance training...didn't hit 21km at all. The past 3months have been speedwork speedwork speedwork neglecting distance. Te longest I went was only 14km...hahaha!
My time for Brooks Half showed the lack of training...1:47:03...14min off my PB.
Guess it's time to add the mileage!

Many thanks to all the photographers! Really appreciate your effort in snapping us in all these events!

Photos courtesy of MovingonAC, The Marathon World Photography, Elaine, Max Lim, Tan Kien Boon,

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