Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bakuteh Klang Half

Here I am, 630am, sitting and waiting for my flight to Bangkok in KLIA. Wish it's a holiday trip for a marathon but sad to say, it's not. Gotta rush there for a meeting and will be coming back late tomorrow night.

I woke up at 4am...kanasai... and was half asleep in the taxi to KLIA. Wanted to sleep but the damm taxi driver kept talking to me. Closed my eyes, tried to ignore him but he just kept on babbling away. Really kanasai!!

Wish I'm not sitting down and waiting...waiting...for the damm flight. Wish I'm at the starting line with speedy gonzalez road runners, waiting...waiting...for the damm flagoff. Oh, did I say damm flagoff? I meant SYOK!! flagoff. Guess I'm addicted, yes, addicted to adrenaline and endorphine, flowing through from head to toe, not a cell to be missed. Yup, all the cells in my body are addicted to these natural drugs. So I'm a drug addict! Hahahaha!

On Sunday the 27th, which was 2 days ago, Klang Half Marathon was flagoff at 615am sharp. Me and all the gila runners were there. Some were in Bidor and some were in Power Run, KL.

After a "brick" (cycle and run....don't ask me cos I also dunno why it's called "brick") training on Saturday, I thought I'd take it as a slow fun run in Klang. But I said too soon....as the gun went off, my legs have a mind of their own. Can't help it....I just zoomed off like the other road runners.

After 5km, I caught up with Kiat & Shin Ming. That's how far I had to zoom to catch up with them. Kiat is pacing Shin Ming and in this run, the podium finish is our target.

Klang's air was blardy humid and not fresh. It was a warm morning even though we started early. Shin Ming was running well altho her breathing was kinda heavy. As for Kiat...he's on his slow motion run pacing the both of us.

At the 16km mark, Kiat told us to carry on as he slowed down. He was not feeling well and all of a sudden goosebumps popped up all over his body. We carried on and I tried to speed up to "sayur" a lady in blue, not red. Overtaking this runner and Shin Ming should be on the podium. Hehe!

The last 5km was terrible as we had to go through kampung road with rempit motorbikers and Sunday drivers passing us non stop. Then there were buses blowing out enough carbon to coat us and make us look like....yo yo wassup??!!

At the last km, I pointed the stadium to Shin Ming and then....tomato rolled like being chased by bulls. At last, the finishing line....1hr41min...my personal best. This young runner pacing with us most of the run was 2 sec in front of me and he was 15th, taking the last prize....apoonene kanasia!!!

But the best is 2nd position for Shin Ming! Podium finish!!! Ooh la la!!

Yes, she did it....a podium finish! Eh, who's that.....guy?....next to Shin Ming?? Hmm.....

This Klang Half was also a reason for us to have bakuteh, Yup, we had a super duper heavy duty yummylicious bakuteh for our much needed brunch.

Sedap ya?? Fulamak!!!!!

For those who missed out this Klang Half and especially the bakuteh.....nah we left the bone for ya. kekeke!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


In athletics and especially endurance sports, we all need to ciaklat so that we will not become ciaklat.....huh?

Imagine people call or shout at you… ciaklat runner…ciaklat rider…ciaklat swimmer…hahaha!

Very ciaklat feeling lah.

Confused? Let me explain….or exprain (in PCK slang)…

This word CIAKLAT is in Hokkien dialect and it means….terrible….

Let’s dissect the word and see what it means separately in pieces…

Ciak = eat

Lat = power or energy

So, basically ciaklat literally means eat power or eat energy in direct translation.

We all know Powerbar, right? That energy/power bar is for eating…..we eat the power….we ciaklat.

Makes sense now huh?

But there’s also power or energy packed not in solid form to eat or ciak but they’re in liquid form for drinking or just…swallowing.

In Hokkien, lim = drink


Ever think of why there’s no limlat?!? When we are running or cycling, we don’t want to eat…we want to drink. We want to limlat!!!!

There’s powergel so let’s limlat!!

P.S: I'm not under sponsor of Powerbar.....hmm....maybe I should go ask them since I'm promoting for them...hahaha!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Beautiful world

This is the most beautiful sunrise view I can enjoy from my bedroom. I truly Thank God.
Praise God for His wonderful & marvelous creation....Earth.
To enjoy it everyday, let's take care of it.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tomato roll and orange run??!!

Tomato, big fat got no legs, so have to roll.... but orange...run??

Aiks!! How ah?


Well, sunday BHP Orange Run was.....fun lah! It started with heavy rain before 630am and luckily, Thank God, the sky cleared just in time for the flagoff.
Even with the slight drizzle, the curve was packed like sardines. This run is getting more popular with friends coming all the way from Singapore just to have a 9.9km (not 9km!) run.

Our girl frensss keep on winning with Shin Ming, Maryann and iron Siok Bee all top15.
Where's the men?...sob...sob....still no chance...

13th April was also KYKiat's birthday. We had a mamak celebration after the run.
Nah...appy burdaay!! Present for u...(smelly underwear!)

Maryann: Eeeeeeeeee...i oso wan....cake so nice....

Khoo: Hehehe...it's MINE!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Mother Nature is hurt

In his historical novel Chesapeake, James Michener tells the story of multiple generations living near a marsh. One character, Chris Pflaum, is introduced as a restless 13-year-old sitting in class waiting for summer break. But when the teacher reads a poem by Sidney Lanier, the boy's heart is stirred.

As the marsh-hen secretly builds on the watery sod,

Behold I will build me a nest on the greatness of God:

I will fly in the greatness of God as the marsh-hen flies

In the freedom that fills all the space 'twixt the marsh and the skies.

When Chris grew up, this poem motivated him to work tirelessly to preserve the precious wetlands and the wildlife he loved.

The poem's words stir the heart because they use nature as a springboard of praise to the Creator. But, unfortunately, our living planet can be neglected and exploited. God's mandate to Adam has been passed on to all believers. "The Lord God . . . put him in the garden of Eden to tend and keep it" (Gen. 2:15). The words tend and keep mean "to cultivate as servants."

We are to care for and guard God's creation as responsible stewards. — Dennis Fisher

The natural world that God has made
Must not be used at whim;
We serve as stewards of His earth,
Responsible to Him.
—D. De Haan

To mistreat God's creation is to offend the Creator.

When we look around us, we can see the wounds on mother nature. Wherever we are, we come across so much human greed that's destroying the place we all live in - Earth.

The pain inflicted on the world has resulted in smog, fire, flood, landslide, disease, hurricane, tornado, typhoon, etc.
Climate has changed drastically.
Hot & dry has become soaking wet and the reverse as well.
Forests are dwindling.
Animals are becoming extinct - many species become extinct even before they are discovered!
Fresh water getting polluted, drying up.
Food banks having shortage.
Rubbish piling up.
Disease getting more deadly.
Natural medicines disappearing.

And the list goes on....

So let's look at ourselves in the mirror. It all starts with YOU! Yes, all of us must do our part. Please please do something.

Even as simple as recycle or don't waste water can make a difference.

Don't wait....start now.

A beautiful world needs caretakers like us.
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