Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tomato roll and orange run??!!

Tomato, big fat got no legs, so have to roll.... but orange...run??

Aiks!! How ah?


Well, sunday BHP Orange Run was.....fun lah! It started with heavy rain before 630am and luckily, Thank God, the sky cleared just in time for the flagoff.
Even with the slight drizzle, the curve was packed like sardines. This run is getting more popular with friends coming all the way from Singapore just to have a 9.9km (not 9km!) run.

Our girl frensss keep on winning with Shin Ming, Maryann and iron Siok Bee all top15.
Where's the men?...sob...sob....still no chance...

13th April was also KYKiat's birthday. We had a mamak celebration after the run.
Nah...appy burdaay!! Present for u...(smelly underwear!)

Maryann: Eeeeeeeeee...i oso wan....cake so nice....

Khoo: Hehehe...it's MINE!!!!!!!!



feifeipinky said...

ray...mana photos????

Ciaklat !!! said...

eh..9.9 km?? you make it sound so easy...wat's your time record? probably take me two days to run 9.9 hehehe

Tey said...


if u want to see my album,pls register as multiply user,then invite me as pmtey to be your friends,pls mention in the message u r feifeipinky ya..tks

After I accept u invite,u will able to view one of the Original foto in Malaysia running race albums !!!!

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feifeipinky said...

hehe...tey, thnx. i did add u into my multiply fren list...but temporary deleted all my multiply details due to my little error while transferring my blog to multiply.
i'll add u again,k. thnx alot.

Ciaklat !!! said...

wat??!! the winners get lubricant oil? can drink meh?? at least la give 100 plus....so kiam siap....
as usual....si bay CIAK LAT !!!

Anonymous said...


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