Tuesday, April 22, 2008


In athletics and especially endurance sports, we all need to ciaklat so that we will not become ciaklat.....huh?

Imagine people call or shout at you… ciaklat runner…ciaklat rider…ciaklat swimmer…hahaha!

Very ciaklat feeling lah.

Confused? Let me explain….or exprain (in PCK slang)…

This word CIAKLAT is in Hokkien dialect and it means….terrible….

Let’s dissect the word and see what it means separately in pieces…

Ciak = eat

Lat = power or energy

So, basically ciaklat literally means eat power or eat energy in direct translation.

We all know Powerbar, right? That energy/power bar is for eating…..we eat the power….we ciaklat.

Makes sense now huh?

But there’s also power or energy packed not in solid form to eat or ciak but they’re in liquid form for drinking or just…swallowing.

In Hokkien, lim = drink


Ever think of why there’s no limlat?!? When we are running or cycling, we don’t want to eat…we want to drink. We want to limlat!!!!

There’s powergel so let’s limlat!!

P.S: I'm not under sponsor of Powerbar.....hmm....maybe I should go ask them since I'm promoting for them...hahaha!
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