Saturday, March 28, 2009


In today’s Gospel, Jesus wants us to forgive our enemies at all times.

To be able to forgive deep hurts, we first need to pray for God’s graces to follow Jesus’ examples of forgiving His persecutors.

Then we should try not to allow our anger drive us into hatred and revenge.

At times, it's not easy to forgive...but....we must revenge...let it go....

60 Earth Hour

Earth Hour 2009 aims to reach more than one billion people in 1000 cities around the world, inviting communities, business and governments to switch off lights for one hour at 8:30pm on Saturday March 28 and sending a powerful global message that we care enough about climate change to take action.

Did you do it?
Did you switch off your lights from 8.30pm - 9.30pm?
Just the dark...not asking for much...

Many complained that 1hr is not going to save the world....well, it's true for now...but...we should know the reason behind it.
It is to let the world leaders know we care about Earth. We want them to take action! Take action for our children, grandchildren, great grandchilren....future generations.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Reality of Daily Life

Reality of Daily Life - Faith:
In today's Gospel, the younger son had to face the harsh reality of life after he squandered all his money. Many people dream of a life without pain, but that's not the reality of life. We need to work, make sacrifices to save and live responsibly if we want to live in God's ways.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The good ol days...

This photo was taken more than 15years ago in St. Joseph, Kuching... our class photo ...sad to say I can't even remember which it was, showing how old and forgetful I've become. Some of us still look pretty much the same to this day but of course, many have changed and some are unrecognisable! Where's crazytomatoman? Well....keep looking! :)


Jesus willingly accepted the suffering and death that He had to face.
How often do we get upset and feel as though God has abandoned us to our pains?
Like Jesus we are each called to find God within our pain; that is real hope.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More Ironman Langkawi pix...

Bikes all checked in & everyone is smiling!!!

PowerBar sponsored Pacesetters Ironman Team - all having their debut in Langkawi

Just before swim
All set to go....3.8km

3.8km is 180km

No more Power gel??????????????????????????

The feeling is priceless!

Many thanks to Tey, Bobby & many others for the excellent pix!!!

Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2009


RM350,000 prize money beckons professionals, amateurs, families, kids
and charitable runners

Kuala Lumpur, 13 March 2009 – Ready! Set! Go! Registration for the Standard Chartered
KL Marathon 2009 is now open to all Malaysians and runners across the world who have set
their eyes on the RM350,000 total prize money allocated for the biggest and most rewarding
international race to ever hit the country.
In conjunction with the launch of the official website today, running enthusiasts can now
check out more information and officially enrol themselves in the marathon through several
convenient and widely available channels. You could either register online at www.kl- or pay in person at Standard Chartered Bank branches within the Klang
Valley (soon to be nationwide), MSIG Insurance branches in the Klang Valley, and at the
offices of the Malaysia Amateur Athletic Union and Federal Territory Amateur Athletic
Association. .
The Malaysian public today had the opportunity to sign up at strategically-located registration
counters within the Bukit Bintang vicinity. “We want to make it as easy as possible for people
to sign up. In the coming weeks, registration will also be made available alongside fun
promotional activities at roadshows to be held in the Klang Valley,” said Hemant Dua
Director of Octagon Malaysia, the event organizers for the marathon. “We want to get the
whole nation excited to run, and so far close to a thousand people have already registered,
which is very encouraging,” he added.
One of the early birds who registered today was Julie Wong. “I have been running for more
than ten years now, but the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2009 will be my first attempt at
a Full Marathon and I‟m really looking forward to it!” Another running enthusiast who also
registered was Frank Chong who explained why he loves running. “I took up running about
two years ago and I run for the personal satisfaction of discovering my own potential.”
Staying true to its theme “Run Your Race”, you can select your desired category from a wide
range comprising the Full Marathon, Half Marathon, 10KM, Fun Run (5KM), and the Kids
Dash in two different age groups - 6 to 9 years old & 10 to 12 years old. Entry is free for this
category which, is in line with the Youth and Sports Ministry‟s vision of developing an active,
healthy and energetic community starting with the youths. Malaysians can also do their bit
for charity by choosing to register for „Run for a Cause‟ to raise funds for one of the five
official Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2009 charities. And if you have your colleagues
joining you, opt for the Corporate Challenge where companies can compete as corporate
teams while fostering camaderie and team spirit at the same time.
The Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2009 will undoubtedly put Malaysia on the global
running map as international and local runners navigate a route covering beautiful and
historical landmarks around the Klang Valley.
Hurry and log on now to register as the early bird period offers a lower registration fee.
The Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2009 is organised by Octagon, with Standard
Chartered Bank as the Title Sponsors and MSIG Insurance Solutions as a Gold Sponsor.
The marathon is endorsed by the Youth and Sports Ministry and the Kuala Lumpur City Hall,
and sanctioned by the Malaysia Amateur Athletic Union (MAAU), International Association of
Athletics Federations (IAAF), and the Association of International Marathons and Distance
Races (AIMS).

For more details or to register, please log on to

* * * * *

Friday, March 13, 2009

GOD provides...

GOD gives Hope to those who Dream
gives Miracles to those who Believe
HE never lets down those who Trust HIM
& never leaves those who Walk with HIM
HE will never leave you empty
HE will replace everything you lost
If HE ask you to put something down it's because HE wants you to pick something better.
May GOD bless you and grant you all the beautiful things in life.

GOD'S generosity is beyond the comparison with human generosity. We often expect GOD to answer our prayers instantly and are not aware that HIS abundant blessings are found in the bigger picture of our lives e.g. our faith, health, good family etc.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Langkawi Ironman medal, finisher T-shirt, memories to cherish...

So after Ironman, what’s next?

Up coming activities…

14 – 15 Mar The Raptors Are Back - Malaysia Nature Society, Tanjung Tuan PD
21 Mar Pacesetter 25th Anniversary AGM & Annual Dinner
28 Mar 60 - Earth Hour - WWF
26 Apr Bidor Half Marathon
29 Mar Kenyir Triathlon
12 Apr Kapas – Marang Swimathon
29 Apr – 2 May Team Hyper Gila Mount Kinabalu trip
17 May New Balance Pacessetters 15km Run
7 Jun Kuantan Xterra (offroad) Triathlon
28 Jun KL International Marathon
11 Jul PD Triathlon
26 Jul Putrajaya 70.3 Ironman
1 Aug Desaru Long Distance Triathlon

Friday, March 6, 2009

"Sea lice" attack

I got a terrible sea lice attack during Ironman swim. Hundreds of these little fellas were trapped between my tri top and skin and they were busy stinging me like nobody's business. Caused blistered rashes and blaaaaaarrrrddddyyyy itchy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Terrible huh?!

Luckily none got into my tri pants!!

Below is some info for you...

Sea bather's eruption

What is it?

Sea bather's eruption is a rash, which affects the bathing suit-covered areas of the skin, rather than exposed areas, after swimming in the sea. It is caused by stings from the stinging cells (also called nematocysts) of the larval forms of certain sea anemones, such as Edwardsiella lineata, and thimble jellyfishes such as Linuche unguiculata. Sea thimbles are small tropical jellyfish that, even as adults, get no larger than about a centimetre in size. Most cases of sea bather's eruption occur during the summer as it seems to be dependant on water temperature. It affects swimmers, snorkelers, or divers soon after getting out of the water.
Sea bather's eruption has been called sea lice by some. Sea lice is actually due to immature larval forms of parasitic flatworms (schistosomes), penetrating the skin.

What actually causes it?

Sea bather's eruption is a hypersensitivity reaction to the larval form, or planulae, of the thimble jellyfish, L unguiculata. It has also been reported to be caused by the larvae stage of the sea anemone, Edwardsiella lineata, and various cnidarian larvae in other parts of the world.
The rash is caused by the body's allergic reaction to the toxin injected into the skin by the tiny stinging cells or nematocysts of the larval jellyfish. These tiny larval forms (the size of a pin head) become trapped underneath bathing suits or in the hair of the bather. Each larva is equipped with a number of stinging cells, that can be triggered by simple mechanical pressure or by osmotic changes that occur with evaporation or when rinsing off with freshwater. The rash typically develops underneath the bathing costume, which is believed to trap the jellyfish larvae against the skin. As the swimmer gets out of the sea, water drains out of the bathing suit, trapping the larva between the suit and the skin. Pressure on the small jelly fish cause the stinging cells to discharge, releasing toxin into the skin. Wearing bathing suits for prolonged periods after swimming, showering in fresh water, and mechanical stimulation (rubbing with a towel) make the eruption worse.

Be aware that you can still be stung days or weeks later after washing and drying the infested clothing. The stinging cells are not actually alive and can persist until a particular physical or chemical reaction stimulates them to fire the stinger that contains the toxin.

What are the symptoms of sea bather's eruption?

A tingling sensation under the bathing suit (breasts, groin, cuffs of wetsuits) is often first noticed while still in the water. Over several hours it becomes an itch, which can last for several weeks. It is generally confined under the swimming costume Some patients (up to a fifth) complain of feeling slightly unwell, with temperatures and fatigue. Some children also develop tummy upsets. As one takes a freshwater shower, while still wearing the bathing suit, the itch gets worse. Itching can be quite severe and they may become painful.
The rash usually starts a couple of hours after swimming. It consists of red bumps, which may become dense and run together in a mass. Each person may react differently to the stings depending on their sensitivity and previous exposure.

What can you do to prevent sea bather's eruption?

Other than staying out of the water, not much can be done to completely avoid the jellyfish's sting if they are present in the water. People have tried various barrier creams to prevent the larvae from getting to the skin but creams do not provide a strong enough barrier to the stingers. Sometimes, a wet suit will limit the infestation to the edges of the garment. General experience indicates the infestation seems to occur near the surface of the water so snorkelers and swimmers seem to be the most vulnerable.

If you think have been exposed to the jellyfish larvae, the most effective preventive measure is to take off your bathing costume as soon as possible and rinse the body in seawater that doesn't have the jelly fish. Pat-dry with a towel and change your clothes. Do not rub the affected areas with towels or hands as that could cause additional stinging. Caution: An immediate rinse with fresh water, vinegar or other solutions may actually cause additional stinging from larvae clinging to your skin or clothes.

What is the treatment?

Once the rash occurs (and you have taken off your swimming costume and showered), an application of diluted vinegar or rubbing alcohol may neutralize any toxin left on the skin. An ice pack may help to relieve any pain. The most useful treatment is 1% hydrocortisone lotion applied 2-3 times a day for 1-2 weeks. Topical calamine lotion with 1% menthol may also be soothing. Nonsteroidal anti inflamatory drugs such as ibuprofen and aspirin (but not in children) may also will help reduce pain and inflammation.

If the reaction is severe, the injured person may suffer from headache, fever, chills, weakness, vomiting, itchy eyes and burning on urination, and should be treated with oral prednisone (steroids).
The stinging cells may remain in the bathing suit even after it dries, so once a person has developed sea bather's eruption, the clothing should undergo machine washing or be thoroughly rinsed in alcohol or vinegar, then be washed by hand with soap and water.

Other treatments
Antihistamines may also be of some benefit. Other treatments that have been suggested include remedies made with sodium bicarbonate, sugar, urine, olive oil, and meat tenderizer although some of these some may increase the release of toxin and aggravate the rash. Symptoms of malaise, tummy upsets and fever should be treated in the normal fashion.

What else could it be?

Sea bather's eruption is often misnamed ‘sea lice’, which are true crustacean parasites of fish. These flatworm larvae try to burrow into the swimmers skin (so they bite rather than sting) and are usually found on exposed skin (similar to sandflies bites). Sea bathers rash can also look very similar to seaweed dermatitis, but no seaweed is found on the skin or in swimwear.
Other information
Seabather's eruption was first described in 1949 as an itchy rash occurring after swimming off the eastern coast of Florida. It has now been reported to occur in many tropical and sub-tropical waters. In Florida it is called ‘Pica-Pica’, the Spanish for ‘Itchy-Itchy’

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Langkawi Ironman – 28 Feb 2009

After completing 226km of sweat, blood, pain and mental challenge, I'm still trying to believe that I am an Ironman.

3.8km in the sea 1:35:20
Transition 1 8:00
180km on two wheels 6:37:41
Transition 2 11:55
42.2km…the marathon 4:48:41

Finish 13:21:35

With a modest 15hr target to just cross the finish line, I'm ecstatic to have done a sub14 in my Ironman debut! Another surprise was when the time showed 13:36:04 as I crossed the finish line. 13:36 is my little secret wish cos 336 is my car number!
(we started 15min after pros were flagged off so minus 15min to get our official time)
13:36…336…What a strange coincidence as I did not have my watch with me to track time. Let you know why later…

Anyway, let me start my yabba yabba from 26 Feb. Six of us, Michelle, Siok Bee, Dr Ray, Yip, Lee and me left for LCCT Sepang at 530am. Checking in was rather smooth although we saw our bikes being treated harshly even when the bright red FRAGILE stickers were staring at the couldn't care less Airasia workers.

With the company's slogan being Where Everyone Can Fly, the luggage dept workers can use….Where Every Luggage Can Throw!!! Celak punya orang!
After a satisfying McD breakfast, we met up with more iron-athletes in the waiting lounge, Kevin, Emma, Randy & Ivie, Simon & family and some others. Flight was on time and we were in Langkawi at 930am. Out of the aircraft, scorching sun gave us a taste of trying to be the Langkawi Ironman.
4 bikes & 7 of us with luggages cramped into a van and off we went…
Zooming to Seaview Hotel collecting bibs & goodie bags, viewing swim, bike, run start & transition were enough to beep us for carbo loading lunch at Kenny Rogers together with Keat Seong, Bernard, Jeffery & mom. An afternoon of short bike ride to see part of the route and ensure bike was properly assembled, we joined carbo dinner opening ceremony at Dataran Lang only to find out insufficient food for those who arrived after 730pm. Terrible! We proceeded to have our own carbo loading dinner in Kuah town. Our tummies were obviously over loaded with some rice & noodles left to spare and none could take another bite!  Beautiful sunset at Dataran Lang

27Feb morning saw us taking a swim before event briefing at Langkasuka Hotel.
Perfect calm sea to swim in

Rubbing shoulders with so many pros was….wow! After digesting rules & regulations, we toured the bike route before ending up in Tanjung Rhu beach for lunch.
Bike, bike bag & run bag check in before race day was different from usual Olympic distance triathlon. We checked all that in the afternoon.
222...that's tomato bike!

We only have to bring along our swim bag on race day. All done & off we went for a carbo loading dinner at Oasis Restaurant. A wonderful chow down on the beach while watching sunset with soothing jazz music. What more can you ask for…

It's called Sr. Mick Jagger burger...beef pattie must have resembled the rubber lips!

28Feb…race day!
Had cup noodles plus PowerBar and PowerBar Endurance drink for breakfast. From Condo Astana to Jetty Point, we were rather quiet, unlike the usual hyper gila noisy bunch. Everyone was nervous.
Out of the blue I began humming a song which I haven’t heard off since childhood. Humming eventually became singing.

This is the day
This is the day that the Lord had made, that the Lord had made
We will rejoice
We will rejoice and be glad in it, and be glad in it.
For this is the day that the Lord had made
We will rejoice and be glad in it
This is the day
This is the day
That the Lord had made

Numbering, bike checking, photo taking, chit chatting and I was ready for 226km. Well, I’d better be!
Pros started 730am and the rest at 745am.
Apart from sea lice, sea was calm making the swim a smooth one. I’m one of the very few using the slower breaststroke and could view the free stylers edging each other zig zagging left and right. Although slow, at least I could swim straight and reached 1.9km U turn buoy in 53min, good time with 2min to spare. My swim target is sub2. Halfway back to shore, someone swam across my path and knocked off my watch. Don’t have any clue how it happened but at least I was not kicked or smacked in the face losing the goggles. That will be a tragedy! Nevertheless, angry in losing my watch, I increased pace to get in front of him and he better don't get to close behind my breastroke kick!
Near the shore, I got close to someone with PowerBar & Pacesetters printed on his tri top. It’s Lee. A chance to “sayur” a team member! Hahaha! Did it by 10sec and I’m pleasantly shocked at my own swim time of 1:35:20!!! Marvelous!!!

Jason Thiang was just about to leave when I entered the tent together with Lee. Changed into a more comfortable bike jersey, rubbed sunscreen lotion, loaded tummy with bananas and drinks, it’s a long 180km bike ride ahead. Starting from Air Hangat Road, kids were already by the roadside asking for water bottles. Many do not just ask for 1 or 2. They collect as many as they can to sell as Langkawi Ironman souvenirs. And they’re all along the bike route with some too close for comfort.

Around distance of 50km quads were twitching slightly so had to reduce speed & increase cadence as not to stress the quads too much. So down more gels to avoid cramps.
With caffeinated PowerBar gels, I simply had to go wee-wee more often. Caffeine diuretic effect was strong! As such, aid station portable toilet past the airport runway was my best friend. Never missed it on every loop.

Killer hill was located along Padang Gaong Road. First loop up the hill, ok. Second loop, still ok lah but third loop….WTF!!! I was cursing like hell going up at 6km/h and hoping quads do not cramp halfway. Thanks to supporters applauding riders who rode all the way up that killer hill. Same goes to Japanese and angmo supporters giving us motivation in doing the Ironman. Standing and clapping under the sun is not easy. Appreciated their support!

Being on an island, Langkawi Ironman is well known as the toughest show on earth with scorching heat touching 40 degrees. We endured that toughest show factor for a little while and lady luck decided to be on our side. Clouds began to visit Langkawi, giving us some cover from the sun.

90km…130km…and 170km meant no more killer hill to climb. Went straight past that dreaded Padang Gaong Road junction to head back to Jetty Point for the final 42.2km, a marathon.
Riding back along Jalan Penarak was rather slow, avoid runners coming from the opposite direction. Reaching bike-run transition tent, it’s super to have friends cheering and snapping photos. Met Ironman Ngae inside tent. He was using his trademark “kampong adidas” rubber shoes. I had to sit down for a short rest before changing into running gear. Swim and bike ride took quite a bit out of my legs.
Changing into PowerBar & Pacesetters tri top and comfy Nike Lunatrainer, it was time to have the last 42.2km of fun! Actually I was praying hard my legs do not protest with severe cramps or body throwing in the towel. Crossing the finish line in 17hrs will do just fine. However, being the rascal that I am, I was trying to chase friends who are in front. But that turned into “who cares who’s in front” after 3 loops with 2 remaining as knees and hips were starting to give up. It was a mental game for the last 10km or so. But going past the Ironman arch at Seaview Hotel meant everything is coming to an end. I slowed down in the final 1km, somehow preferred to have a slow motion finish. Truly enjoyed every moment of it. With lights shown on me and supporters cheering, the feeling was magical, priceless.

Finally, I did it!!
Pointing to Heaven, I shouted at the top of my voice “Thank you, Jesus!!!”

Here are some results…

Luke McKenzie 8:26:48
Elmar Schuberth 8:55:24
Belinda Granger 9:21:10

Wong Ah Thiam 10:20:20
Simon Cross 10:43:44
Emma Bishop 10:55:43

Kevin Siah 11:15:20
Don Khor 11:33:51

Carmen Leong 12:02:09
Wendy Wong 12:07:09
Dr Fiona Lim 12:11:16
Steven Yip 12:39:32
Lim Keat Seong 12:40:49
Ong Siok Bee 12:41:18
Dr Raymond Hee 12:50:14
Roger Yee 12:58:49

Abu Soffian 13:10:19
Randy Tan 13:15:40
Raymond Ng 13:21:35
Hugo Goosen 13:35:40
Tan Lian Meng 13:41:04
Nor Juliana Ali 13:42:27
Loong Hin Tong 13:51:09
Ben Swee 14:07:17
Chris 14:32:47
Bernard Tan 14:38:38
Lee Kok Khee 14:46:05
Yee Sze Mun 14:46:48
Michelle Looi 14:47:46

Ngae Kok Hieng 15:14:35
Kannan Murugasan 15:16:57
Iwata Takatoshi 15:31:09
Lee Puh Heng 15:33:54
Kalam Pie 15:34:04
Mohamed Sofian 15:38:38
Jason Thiang 15:39:42
Halim 15:59:10

May Senn 16:01:00
Adeline Lee 16:17:07
Dr Tan 16:58:16

1st Mar was a happy-sad day. Happy being an Ironman but sad it had to end and it’s goodbye to Langkawi. Airasia check in was tremendously slow, not to mention the usual delay and a new slogan…Where Every Kilogram Must Charge!

In the 1hr flight back, I viewed the whole Ironman challenge right from the day I decided to register & give it a shot. Being an Ironman means a lot to me as 4years ago, I nearly died and was hospitalized in a vegetable state after having brain aneurysm.

So, if I can do it, you can do it too. Believe in yourself and be amazed by what you can do. Nothing is impossible with Jesus by our side. Alleluia!

Many thanks to Dr Ray for encouraging me to do it this year when I just wanted to be a supporter.
Many thanks to Jason Thiang for the “if you join, I join” and securing PowerBar sponsorship.

Many thanks to coach Tony for guiding us in training.
Many thanks to already Ironman and new Ironman for group training, tips, advice, motivation and encouragement.
Many thanks to friends for all the support.

6 months effort…

13hours 21minutes 35seconds… a 2009 Langkawi Ironman…

And this is just the beginning…
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