Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Our Father

I cannot say OUR if my religion has no room for others and their needs.
I cannot say FATHER if I do not demonstrate this relationship in my daily life.
I cannot say WHO ART IN HEAVEN if all my interests and pursuits are in earthly things.
I cannot say HALLOWED BE THY NAME if I, who amcalled by his name am not holy.
I cannot say THY KINGDOM COME if I am unwilling to give up my own sovereignty and accept the righteous reign of God.
I cannot say THY WILL BE DONE if I am unwilling or resentful of having it in my life.
I cannot say ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN unless I am truly ready to give myself to his service here and now.
I cannot say GIVE US THIS DAY OUR DAILY BREAD without expending honest effort for it or by ignoring the genuine needs of my fellowmen.
I cannot say FORGIVE US OUR TRESPASSES AS WE FORGIVE THOSE WHO TRESPASSAGAINST US if I continue to harbor a grudge against anyone.
I cannot say LEAD US NOT INTO TEMPTATION if I deliberately choose to remain in a situation where I am likely to be tempted.
I cannot say DELIVER US FROM EVIL if I am not prepared to fight in the spiritual realm with the weapon of prayer.
I cannot say THINE IS THE KINGDOM if I do not give the King the disciplined obedience of a loyal subject.
I cannot say THINE IS THE POWER if I fear what my neighbors and friends may say or do.I cannot say THINE IS THE GLORY if I am seeking my own glory first.
I cannot say FOREVER if I am too anxious about each day's affairs.
I cannot say AMEN unless I honestly say, "Cost what it may, this is myprayer."

-Courtesy of CP Waterman

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fuji, no, no...not the mountain in Japan. Read on...the pix will help....hehehe!
During one of our Saturday rides, I saw a bike none of us crazy Tri people would have thought of using on a Tri. It was a pure classic or in other words.....old granny.

Yes, the name printed on the seat says it all..... FUJI is a granny's bike....and it's a FUJI!! Notice the basket behind the seat. Imagine how much water or endurance performance drinks you can load up on your Tri ride. Front basket can carry bananas, powergels, powerbars, muffins and what not.

Hey...wait a minute....not that granny bike. This is what you use on your Tri......walla!

And what bike is this?

It's a F...U....J....I.....

Evolution at it's best!

Malaysia boleh?

No wonder Tun Mahathir cried...

You can wait forever for this Lrt as the indicated station is nowhere to be seen until today. Is that Malaysia boleh?

C'mon, is this a joke or what? This laluan basikal (bicycle lane) has got to be for kids on their 3 wheelers.

Need I say more?

sigh.....when will they ever learn?.......

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