Wednesday, October 10, 2007

KLAVA Kuala Selangor Park 3 x 2km Back to Nature relay

7th October 2007…KLAVA back to nature run at Kuala Selangor Park was unique, exciting, thrilling, tiring…suffering! Oh….did I just say the run was tiring and became a suffering??!! Well….take a peek at our faces in these photos and you’ll know exactly how we felt….HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

The 3 bujang senang….tomatoman, cibaiyang Vincent, cool Khoo….
Happy happy joy joy!

Kuala Selangor Park - back to nature track

My oh my…how did a teeny weeny 2km relay make us tumble into that suffering mangrove pit? Oh, that 2km did it perfectly well. We didn’t complain after 21km or 42km but 2km was @#%& !!!!

Hard to believe but sprinting is indeed different…it’s like being chased by barbaric monster dogs! We had to run like there’s no tomorrow! The cross-country track did take the last breath out of our bursting lungs! Yeah, but it was FUN! Yup, Super fun! Priceless!

Group photo before the race


Thanx, mate….it’s my turn to RUUUUUUUNNNNN!!!!!!!

Wished I’m in dreamland….adohai!!!…..aaarhhhhh….!!

For me this back to nature story started when I tried to sleep early. 11am, lights off…..12am eyes still open….1am damm mozzies kept me awake….alamak!
Luckily I drifted to dreamland around 130am…..zzzzzzzzzzz

3am….what da heck did I wake up for?!! Couldn’t sleep after that…maybe the fear of waking up late for the run kept me awake. Sigh!….

So I caught Rugby World Cup match between the Kiwis and Cockerels.’s New Zealand against France. Yeah, go go All Blacks!
I still remember bits and pieces of their Haka. Awesome, mate!

Ringa pakia!!!!!

Kamate kamate kora kora!!!!

It was a sad match…All Blacks lost by 2 points. Damm palangi !!!

Anyway, at least we have these to look forward to…we’ll run for you All Blacks!

Der Pacemakers….blue jerseys are Bujang Senang team! Ngap sayot!!!!!

Bujang Senang got 4th placing…..not bad lah…hehehe!

After the suffering, we still smile like before the run! Hahaha!

By the way, this is why I’m known as Tomatoman….red face bujang senang!

Next adventure run will be in Kuantan. Yes, instead of jalan-jalan cari makan, we will go lari-lari makan makan in Kuantan on 21st Oct.

- tomatoman
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