Thursday, April 16, 2009

Majestic...but for how long?

Driving along MRR2, one will have to be blind or driving in the middle of the night if he/she did not notice the "backbone of a sleeping dragon" above the stretch of housing estates from Taman Melawati to Zoo Negara. But if the driver is blind, then driving is a no no!

This "backbone of a sleeping dragon" is a quartz ridge above Klang Gates Dam. Known as Bukit Tabur, it is simply majestic everytime I lay my eyes on it. Measuring about 4-5km in length from Melawati to Zoo Negara, this is only part of the total 16km ridge, which is gazetted as the longest quartz ridge in the world!

Magnificient views from the top will take your breath away no matter how many times you've hiked up there.

That's what you see on one side. On the other side, nature is being eaten away....housing estates creeping in fast. New housing developments have reached the hills leading up to the ridge.
The 2 pix below are not of the new housing projects so you can imagine the destruction.

Hence the big question long will we see the quartz ridge stand strong?

Beautiful quartz crystals

The whole thing under your feet is quartz

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