Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Merdeka weekend expedition - McDSempah to Mentakab ride

Long awaited report...sorry ya...

Usually I'm one of the riders but this time, I was a driver, support wise that is lah...together with Lydia and Bernard while Mich, Bee, Lee and Kelvin did their 80km++ ride from McD Genting Sempah to Mentakab. Yip turned up as well and we thought he's gonna do a puasa ride! Actually he balik kampung to Kuantan. The first 20km or so was really a 'sap sap water' downhill cruise. Lee's wife, Yap, drove straight to Mentakab to get things ready for the riders while we lepak for teh tarik after McD. Luckily 1 stall remains open during this Ramadhan month. After much bla bla bla, off we went to catch up with the riders.

Hot springs didn't live up to its looked more like a warm abandoned pool with algae growing heaps every corner. The word 'Hot' should be replaced with "warm" cos that's what it was...

Somehow when you are driving, the journey seemed so much further and...boring! We caught up with riders next to a school...somewhere...Kelvin looked sun dried after hours under scorching sun. We stopped at a bustop for refuelling. Mich a few hundred metres in front rode back when she realised Kelvin was no more behind her.

Guessed Kelvin had decided to have a premature refuelling session as Lee & Bee were 1-2km ahead, waiting for them at BHP station.
So after 2nd refuelling, Mentakab was their finishing stop.

Four of us drivers visited Gandah Elephant Rehabilitation Centre.

An hour or song hanging around at the elephant sanctuary, we left for Mentakab, meeting the riders for lunch. Yummylicious!!!!

From then on, we drove all the way to Maran...


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