Sunday, March 21, 2010

I'm no.1 !!!

See me smiling?
I was with 300 others in the first group. Mens open had to be split into 3 groups due to the high numbers of participation. From the starting line to the tower...about 800m, I managed to maintain top10 position and that was so much I can do. Going up KL tower, my time was dropping like...bird droppings!

Yeah my first time being no.1 !!!


No la...not the podium no.1...i got the bib A001. Hahaha! Well, i'm gonna keep that bib and maybe get it framed. It's KL tower International Forest Towerthon Challenge 2010

My first time was back in 2008. I did 20.18.

This time I was happy and surprised I did a sub20min. Finished 19.52...and that was without training. Yup, I was pleasantly surprised. A PB! Yahoo!!!

Oh ya, my position was 130...compared to 111 two years ago and that was a slower time. That means people are getting faster and faster now so...darn it...gotta train!!!

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