Thursday, September 23, 2010

Runing again...

This Sunday, 26-Sept is the Newton Run. Yahoo! Finally, a running event after more than 2 months of running silence...since PD triathlon.

So what did I do in the past 2 months? Well, there was this long...err...I mean very long bike ride and I did 2 climbs, up Gng Datuk and halfway Gng Nuang.

Bike ride was the annual Century Ride in Perak. Ever since Langkawi Ironman back in Feb, I've not done any long rides so you can imagine how my de-seasoned butt suffered the 160km. Hahaha!

August has been a 'hilly' month. Started with an overnight stay up Fraser's Hill. No, there was no running or riding to get up there. And no, didn't do Pine Tree trail either. Ran through the short Bishop's trail and was attacked by 'pacat' or leeches!
Michelle got it bad as her right foot swelled up the next day. First time we came across a leech bite doing that. Needed anti-histamine to get the swelling down. Too bad didn't snap a pix of that leech. It was different from the usual black skinny ones. This bugger has markings on it, something like a leopard.

Down from Fraser's Hill, we had durian fest in Raub! Yumm!!!

Gunung Datuk was the next destination. Second time climbing up. First time was the NS mountain circuit challenge and that was a crazy sprint. Thought we were crazy ourselves to climb up and down under one and a half hours when we reached the top on that time for a picnic.
Amazing what our body can withstand in a race.

Final weekend in August was another climb, up Gunung Nuang. But we stopped at Kem Pacat. Another picnic, another relaxing climb.

This Sunday is not going to be relaxing! 25km of undulating hills. Yes, hills after hills. Bet Puchong residents will be shocked to see more than 2000 runners on the roads. :D

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C-CUBE said...

Durians from Raub are always gooood.

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