Friday, March 9, 2012

Running in the jungle at night?

Night time...yes!
Jungle...well, not the primary jungle where you'll find tigers or elephants or orang's just old rubber plantation which looked a bit like jungle and it comes with trails where MTBikers and hikers enjoy their nature escapade.

So, it's a night trail run. Yeah! At Kiara "jungle"!

These were the crazy trail runners...9 in all. Usually we do evening trail runs in Gasing hills. But for a change, we want something different, something more exciting, more adrenalin rush.
Usually in bike rides, we hear the slogan "No helment, no ride"
Night trail runs you'll hear "No headlight, bang your head" Hahahah! Seriously, without headlight means you can't see shit! Oh ya, it's true. You can't see anything including shit.

Weather was not on our side when we started. 8pm. Heavy rain in KL. Kiara was drizzling when we started. Trails were wet and some parts muddy. Slowly we could feel the rain getting heavier. I put on 2 Energizer headlights, still I wish it was brighter. When it comes to night trail run, a nightlight like what the MTBikers use comes in very handy. Their lights were blinding bright!

King Kenny MTBiker led us all the way. Fantastic! Night runs is different! You need 100% full attention on the trails. If not, smack, bang,'re in the mud!

With rain getting heavier, lightning flashing and thunder roared, I felt as if I was in a werewolf movie. We ran and ran for our lives with werewolves chasing from behind. Hahahaha!
Maybe next time to make it more real, I'll play some eerie music from my phone. Not forgetting the long werewolf howl. Awooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

Till next night trail run, stay tuned!

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