Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Low quantity high quality

Most recent run I took part in was Larian Shapadu in Shah Alam, a 12km route.

It was not widely publicised, which explains the low turnout of around 500. However, this low quantity of runners brought high in quality fast legs! The local elites!

Champion clocked 40min!

The first km, as usual, was a sprint to get in front of the crowd. Could see the regular elites pulling away together with Top2 women open. Those girls can run!

This run gave us 2 or was it 3 gentle hills to run up. Kudos to a handful of veterans who were still too fast for me to pace with. They looked as if doing their relaxing tai chi while I was panting like fish out of water!

Clocking 50:21 with a recorded distance of 11.85km on Runkeeper, I managed an average pace of 4:15. Was happy with it and to top it off, I sprinted the last 100m and overtook a runner whom I paced all the way. Hehehe! He was a tough nut to crack. Each time I came close, he increased his pace not to let me pass. Happened not less than 5 times throughout the race.

Position I got was 18th. No prize or medal but I'm happy to be in the Top20  :)

Michelle was 4th. Consolation prize of RM50. Young girl beside her was 3rd with prize of RM350!

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zErOiCe said...

supeeeeer faaaaast! both of you! :) congrats!

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