Monday, May 28, 2012

SC Fun Run 2012

Standard Chartered Fun Run 8km in Putrajaya was not fun! This is the 2nd year running for this race. It's need to pay any registration fees. Surprised?
Held in conjunction with government's belia week in Putrajaya, this race was a fast one. Categories were 3km right up to 8km and participants ranged from school sprinters to Kenyan speedsters!

I registered in the International Category this time, hoping not too many Kenyans showed up. But I was wrong! 12 of them were there, so there goes my hope...poof goes the prize $$$. Already I have no chance to be top10 in battling with local elites in Men Open, presence of Kenyans signified no chance whatsoever for me...again! Boo...hoo...hoo... hahaha!

Anyway, it was "fun" to see Kenyans bunched up leading the race followed by local elites chasing and me trailing behind. I was following Nor Amelia, the fastest local girl. It was not easy! Making things worse, she was cruising, not going all out as there was nobody challenging her in the 8km category.

I was behind her all the way with the gap increasing as the kilometres increased. Biggest gap must have been 200 - 300m.

A black incident was an ambulance pulling up beside me with 500m to go. Bad traffic control meant I must switch left lane into right lane leading to the finish line whereas ambulance from right lane needed to switch into left lane to go who knows where. Damm freaking driver almost knocked into me. It was caught on camera. You could see I raised my hand after banging the ambulance's door.
                                       Kenyan champion with second and third close behind

                                            Local elite champion, about 3min behind the Kenyan champion.

                                         I'm squashed in between the ambulance and motorbike
                                          Ambulance didn't let me pass and turned left. I almost came to a standstill
                                         Here you can see me with my raised arm shouting to the driver
                                         Finally...away from the stupid ambulance driver!

That slowed me down and got my blood boiling. Sprinted the last 100m and clocked 33min26secs, position 15th. I would be 14th in the Men Open.

Distance measured was 8.18km. Pace 4:05min/km

So far, that's the best pace I've done. Previous good race was 4:15 pace.

But there's still lots to do in order to hit a 4:00 pace flat.

I just hope I can maintain a sub4:30 pace in the coming Springs Half Marathon in Kuching on 16June

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