Monday, August 27, 2012

On the podium!

 Something different for Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon 2012

No long distance, no long hours

A change to




Second time for me in an Ekiden Relay. Years ago I ran in Putrajaya and now, SCKLM2012 included this category into their big event.

Being assigned as the last runner,the pressure was to the max! Young and fast last legs were around me waiting anxiously for their team member to appear.

1st team....

2nd team...



When Ronnie, 4th team runner appeared, immediately my heart rate went up the roof. Michelle was on her bike behind him. I felt a little consolation with no other 4th runners in sight. Taking over the sash, I zoomed off like being chased by a pack of dogs. Every minute my head would automatically turned to check if there's anyone chasing. still ran like hell. Being on 3rd position, I couldn't let my team mates down.

Km2...still safe...but no way I slowed down. Just never know. Michelle paddled behind. Must be funny seeing me running my ass off...hahahaha! leading 21km  Kenyans zoomed pass me as if I was standing still. They were sprinting! And I was...well...running...very slow compared to them. My pace was around 4:05-4:10 and theirs, 3min pace.

Km3...met 10km runners...yes, at least I have "pacers"

Reaching 100m to finish line, relief! Still I was turning to check, double check no other teams were going to overtake me at the last second.

Yes, a podium finish for Team Pacemaker! Woohoo!

Many thanks to Jothipal, Bee Hoon, Sue Ling and Captain Ronnie!

Running jersey sponsored by Adidas.

Pix courtesy of Chan WK, Michelle

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Sue's Ramblings said...

Can I say awesome shorts on the podium? LOL! Thanks for helping us pull thru the race! Bet it was one of the most stressful runs in recent memory.

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