Friday, November 23, 2007

Miaw-Miaw City...Run or Drink?

Kuching, the beautiful cat city!

2007 road runs also include 1, just 1, at hometown Kuching, the miaw-miaw cat city. Phew! At least….and at last… a run in Kuching this year!

Coincidently when I traveled back to hometown for celebration of mom’s big 60th birthday during the end of October, a college organized a charity run for the Heart Foundation. Absolutely good intention but sad to say, poor publicity! Raising funds for such a good cause is noble but…yup, there’s a big BUT here…. participation was a ‘better to be forgotten scene’. Most people do not know anything about it, sad to say. So not many participants, not much fund raised….sigh….
A hunk, a babe and the crazytomatoman before the charity run. Background don't have many people right?...

Imagine… a slow tomato runner like me can end up in the top 10 position in the charity 10km run. Miracle lah!! Syok lah but no medal! Or maybe it means this sport or should I say activity, is not very much desired in cat city? Oh well, it boils down to either people were not informed or they simply do not give a damm about running.

That explains lack of running events in Sarawak. The last road running event before this mini charity run was the Rimbunan Hijau Marathon back in 2006. In Borneo island, more outdoor activities are closely related to the rainforest or jungle, such as hashing, jungle trekking, mountain climbing, adventure caving, kayaking, mountain biking. Yeah, all the junglemen and junglewomen are there.
Cat city riverbank...beautiful eh?

Kuchingites & Sarawakians will agree with me that there are more submarine beer drinkers & drunkards than road runners in our hometown. What to do…coffee shops open at night are not mamak so no teh tarik…minum beer pun boleh lah. Places like these are filled with beer heads. Can’t blame them, as beers are 4 cans for RM12. Wahlau!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There you have Bintang, Chang, Stella Artois, Becks, San Miguel apart from the usual Tiger, Carlsberg, Heineken. 99.99999% are submariners so nyirup lah! Sadong!!!!!

Events like 10cans, 21cans or 42cans beer drinking competition will surely get participants filled to the brim!
Aha!...can also have kolo mee makan-ing competition....yummylicious!!!!

Hmm….submariners can contribute to make cat city a healthy place to live. How?? What??! See the article below…

Kuching World's Healthiest City
Date : 07/11/2006
Source : Bernama
KUCHING, Nov 6 (Bernama) -- Kuching is the healthiest city in the world this year.
The Sarawak state capital, on the northwestern tip of Borneo Island, won two international honours -- "Good Practices of Healthy Cities 2006" and "Pioneers in Healthy Cities 2006" -- awarded by the Alliance for Healthy Cities (AFHC) in Suzhou, China, on Oct 30.
"This is the second time Kuching is voted the world's healthiest city. We won it for the first time in 2002," Deputy State Secretary Datuk Morshidi Gani said at a press conference, here Monday.
Kuching hosted the first Asean Healthy Cities Conference in June 2002 and the AFHC General Assembly in October 2004.
It adopted the healthy city concept implemented in Brighton, England.
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