Thursday, February 21, 2008


In just a little more than an hour chatting with Krishnan at Adidas office, I learnt a lot about the creation of Adidas running shoes. I’m very priviledged to get hold of a new Adistar 6th Edition and try it out.

Of course during the early times, the running shoe was where a piece of fabric or leather was sewed together with a piece of rubber. But now, that has evolved. Heaps of research & development have been put into it looking at the different types of rubber and fabric used to form running shoes. I was shown a dissected shoe where you can see exactly where the types of rubbers are located and why.

Running shoes now have very advanced ‘suspension system’. Before I hit the road with Adistar 6th Edition, let me try to explain what it has to offer and hope y’all can understand…hehe!


Let’s start with ADIWEAR. This is black coloured rubber (like car tires) located on the hind part of the sole. It makes the sole longer lasting.

This is interesting…After showing me two rubber balls, one purple and one yellow, I was asked to feel, squeeze and throw them on the floor.
Both felt the same but only the yellow ball bounced like a normal rubber ball whereas the purple ball hit the floor and stayed motionless! Amazing! It felt like a normal rubber ball but reacted like a piece of dough or plastisin (remember our good’ol days?)
Again and again I threw it on the floor and was surprised by the outcome. In physics, an action will have a reaction. Here, the reaction was different…somehow the energy is absorbed and not bounced back like the yellow ball.
No idea how Adidas came out with that type of rubber but it is doing its job. It’s called adiPRENE, meant to absorb the impact of landing and dispersed the energy so as not have reaction of pushing the energy back up. adiPRENE forms the important part of the sole at heel area. This is important for our heel as it is the first area to take the landing impact when we do our running (not sprinting).
For the yellow ball, the technology is named adiPRENE + and this type of rubber is located on front portion of the sole. Energy from forefoot landing is channeled through that rubber piece to propel or push us upward/forward. It helps to keep us going.

FORMOTION is where the heel is divided into another portion. This provides flexibility on the sole where landing is concerned. For Adistar 6th Edition, there’s two FORMOTION and this gives extra heel flexibity. The heel has the ability to move front-back and side to side.

Quick Strike is quite hard in comparison with the other pieces of rubber and this is located at forefront of the sole. It is meant to give it a push, in combination with ADIPRENE +

This is located on the arch section of the sole, providing stability for our foot.

Ok, now we move on to the comfortable part of the shoe. Geofit is something like bucket seat of a sports car. It hugs your foot and keep it in place.

No Seam
This means no stiching on the fabric pieces, leading to less abrasion of our foot, hence reduce blister problems.

Alrighty…time for me to hit the road with Adistar 6th Edition!

For fellow runners with blogs who are interested in this program, you can contact

Krishnan KaruppanMobile : 012 - 3503668
E-Mail :
Office address:adidas Malaysia Sdn BhdBlock B , Level 4,Plaza Damansara45 Media Setia 1Bukit DamanasaraKuala Lumpur
Tel Office : 03 - 20804843 / 20804876
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