Monday, February 25, 2008

Everyday Blues!

Today is really a blue Monday, no...not because Chelsea lost the League Cup to the Spurs last nite. We come across this blue almost everyday! …Sigh!… It’s not a blue feeling of going to work either. No, that’s another blue…a not so serious blue cos we need to earn a living in this material world.

This is a blue that I just wanted to shout about. Ok, here goes…


On our regular everyday traffic jams, these so called “YBs” have the guts to get everybody clearing the roads for them to go through.
Alamak!! Whatever for?! Are they saving somebody’s life by weaving through jams in need of going to the hospital ER? No! Even now, with parliament dissolved, these “YBs” are not Ministers of whatever or MPs of somewhere. They are just Yang Biasa!
Seriously they are just like us, going to the office. So be like everybody else, be fair, queue in line! For traffic jams that become worse every year, these “YBs” should take note again and again without end and work EFFECIENTLY to improve our transport systems. Are they? With traffic police officers clearing the choca block roads for them, I guess they can’t feel the traffic jams.
Puiii! I spit on them!

Somehow, somewhere, sometime back long ago somebody started it and unfortunately until now we have to live with this so called “YB” priviledge that have been taken advantage of and being misused. This MUST STOP!
They are working for the government, working for the people.
Leadership by example has gone down….oh,man! …there’s no more drain for them to fall into!. It’s now become a bottomless pit!

Oh well, what else is new….this is just one of the many many kazillion blues we face in our beloved country?

When can all these change for the better?

Am I just dreaming?


C-CUBE said...

So vote for a CHANGE!!! Kick all these so call YB "Good For Nothing" out. Some of them are staying longer than that are needed, some are taking advantage of it, and so many more.

feifeipinky said...

fren...i hope u better today...C-cube is is the best time for us to do some changes...VOTE FOR A CHANGE!!!
kick those incompetance ppl out!

cRAzYtoMatOmaN-D said...

We need a CHANGE!
All those "yes men" must change!!!
Everyday everything they yes yes yes to the ali babas means habis lah.

yipwt said...

Leaders should be humble...what YB YB, they have to work for us you know....hehe...

C-CUBE said...

YB shud be Yang Berkhidmat !!!!

Raymond said...

Yep! Vote anything as long not BLUE and Green color!:-)

feifeipinky said...

hey...Dr Rum...u copy my sentence!! the blue thingy...hahaha

Anonymous said...


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