Monday, March 3, 2008

26 days to KL International Marathon!

Oh what a wet weekend we had after months upon months of long dry spells. Much needed rainfall to cool things down, be it our scorching weather or MPs wannabees campaigning here and there or anywhere they can set their foot on. Saturday morning was really cozy to sleep in with raindrops patting away on the window panes. Actually I was planning to go either hiking or cycling in Hulu Langat but the rain came….so….more sleep, yeah!
Thankfully it was not pouring on Sunday. Bukit Aman carpark was full to the brim with so many runners doing their runs in view of the upcoming KLIM. I joined Ironman Dr. Rum, Ironman Siok Bee & sis, Maryann and speakerbox Kelvin. It’s an honor lah to be running beside these Ironpeople. Wahlaueh!!
We started at 715am as they were just doing a relaxing double hill but I promised myself to do at least 20km, to clock in mileage for KLIM. Along the way to Petronas in Hartamas, many runners were on the opposite direction. They started the usual 630am while some started 530am – 6am with more laps put in. At Tijana2 guardhouse, I met Richard & Goh who were heading back at their usual breakneck speed. Reaching the highway flyover, met Phyllis who was also on her way back to Bukit Aman. At that point and after 15k, she still looks fresh. Amazing! For me to reach that point, I’ll already look like a sun dried tomato lah… aahaha! J So, to prevent drying up, I put a water bottle among the plant bushes below the flyover and that’ll be a most welcomed water station… a very valuable bottle when you’re panting your way back with a very thirsty throat. Near the mosque, I met our beloved cameraman Tey. He shouted “tomatoman” which can be heard for miles lah….hahaha! The Eng sisters were at their own water station, on their way back. Heck, everyone is already heading back and I’m not at Petronas yet. Aiyoyo, lonely run lah… long and winding road……

Approaching Petronas, I finally met a few runners going the same way. I passed Jackson and his pacer Michelle who was running with additional weight by carrying a big water bottle on her back. Extra kg but always have water on the go! Then came along Pm1, Ronnie the “tulang man” with his usual slogan “PIA KAU LAT”...and that made me picked up my pace but only lasted 1km lah…that last hill before reaching Petronas made me ran outta gas! That’s how that petrol station became our unofficial pit stop station. Hahaha!

After looping the hill behind Petronas and refueled with 100plus, my time showed 56min. Nice comfortable pace I increased my pace on the journey back. At the mosque, Richard & Goh were on their 2nd lap back to Petronas. They are really speedy gonzalezzzzz!!
Heading back was boring as runners were already back at Bukit Aman. It was a welcoming sight as I reached the flyover….my water bottle! Thank God it’s still there and didn’t taste funny…hahaha!

Climbing the steep hill after Tijana2, I met Carboman Jamie and Geraldine on their way back to Bukit Aman, completing their 30k. Syabas!
Upon reaching Jln Tun Ismail from Jln Tunku, I caught up with Michelle the gazelle. She left Jackson behind and did a very fast pace back. Both of us paced together until entrance to Bukit Aman and the time was 1hr45min. I continued for another lap around Carcosa track. Finally, 2hr7min and I reached back to the carpark. Pancet!!!
Happy with the pace but legs still not seasoned enough. Felt sore last night and today as well.

KLIM is only 26 days away. Gotta run more!!!!


C-CUBE said...

aiyah, u roll on the road also faster than me ler, no need to worry. worst case i come from the back on race day and yell TOMATOMAN, like wat Tey did, hahahaha!!!!

cRAzYtoMatOmaN-D said...

C-cube, u yell like tat the tomatoman sure roll into the longkang lah :P...hahaha!

Syiok lah u run in the rain on sat...but i lagi syiok, zzzzzzz...

Anonymous said...


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