Monday, March 10, 2008

Adistar 6th Edition

Second try out…sometime last month (sorry for the long delay…:P)

Again I only did a short run of around 5km…
After a long day at work wearing ‘kasut batu’, Adistar 6th Edition was very much welcomed, felt like pillows. The cushion inside is very comfortable. In terms of impact on the road, there’s minimal as adiprene absorbed it up, which is good for the heel.

Third try out at KLIM 2nd Circuit Training (24th Feb)

We had 2hr15min to run as many laps as possible around Lake Garden through Carcosa route. It was a good try out with Adistar 6th Edition considering the distance covered in the circuit training.

Of course the further we run, more energy being used, legs starting to get tired and our shoes will feel heavier and heavier. But, if you feel the opposite, it’s either your shoes are wearing out super fast with the soles peeling off while running…haha!…or your dose of steroids is kicking in!
Adistar somehow started to get heavier slightly faster than others. By the 4th lap (11.2km) I had to change to my regular pair. I suppose that happened due to adiprene at work. Energy(from impact) was absorbed by adiprene but the transfer of energy to adiprene+ for the lift off was not in play.

With action, there’s reaction but here the energy from action (impact on adiprene)was dispersed off. There’s no rebound, no energy giving the lift. We had to use more energy to lift off, which is why it felt heavier faster. More energy needed to run.
However, this will be different for runners who land on their forefoot rather than their heel. The front of the sole is where adiprene+ is, so lift off is assisted.

No Seam did well in what it was supposed to do, reduced friction- prevented blisters.

Overall, Adistar is a good pair for leisure run, but I don’t think speed or distance fare well.

That’s my two cents opinion after a few try outs.

You never try, you never know…
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