Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Blogger blogs his blog

It's been quite a while since I last blogged (is there such a word as...blogged?)...guess it's ok since there's I'm a blogger that's blogging his blog now and when I sign off I'll be a blogger that's blogged my blog. Oh well, I have to accept that I'll never be one of them real bloggers capable of getting tens of thousands of hits per day.

Anyhow, I'll just keep on rollin'... :P
Quite a handful of events have passed and my poor lil nokia hp with limited camera capabilites are jammed up with pix. So here there are folks!
Fraser's Hill adventure - We went on 22nd June, which is more than a month ago...!! Gosh, time really flies like the birds which were being watched and counted on that hill during the International Bird Race. If pictures of birds didn't appear on their banners, you bet I'll be scrambling up that hill to take part in the bird race. Well, I mean it's a race...right? Hahaha!

It was meant to be a slow and easy ride that day. A bunch of us wanted to ride somewhere other than our usual Hulu Langat and getting boring Putrajaya so Fraser's Hill sounded like music to our ears. Afterall, it was where the Le Tour De Langkawi speedy gonzales riders huffed and puffed. Perhaps we can still feel the vibes...hehehe! We (Dr Rumbling Rum, RHBee or Miss Cervelo, Ironman gonnabe Mich, Ultraman Yip, Heng & Vin) started at KKB after a heavy breakfast of wanton noodles. KKB to everyone is Kuala Kubu Baru but to me it means......hehe....get ready for this....

Kayuh Kayuh Basikal

Yup, that's what we enjoy...kayuh kayuh basikal (bike pedalling)

Can't help it, I'm always amazed by God our creator for His marvelous work of art. Imagine, our world was sculptured with perfect beauty, what more to say for Heaven. Hallelujah, praise the Lord!!!

The long and winding road on the country road that takes me home....what a wonderful world!
... err, I've been listening to too much oldies so it's alright if I'm called a young 'apek'....hahaha!

This is where we rode right smack in the middle of the road...yeah baby, it's my grandfather's road now y'know!!!...another 15km to go.................still it's a long and winding road.......

oh, this was where I tried to snap it like a One Tree Hill...

Argh!!!! It was painful to see what happened...landslide! Mother Nature is hurt yet again.
After miles of riding, we finally reached the one way entry to Fraser's Hill. And finally I snapped pix of humans!!!
Since the road was a one way traffic, we just have to wait for the time to go up. Looked like somebody was not having a super great time waiting.....

With time in hand I became the curious apek tomatoman checking out the history and geography of the hill. back in school again...history lah....geography lah...Check out this pix...said a lot about how we felt reaching the top. Memang stylo habis lah...tsk..tsk..tsk...

The famous not to be missed clock tower

I can't blame the captain of this restaurant when smelly, sweaty fellas in tight fit lycras with helmets with holes and shoes that don't look like shoes stormed into his bounty for some coffee. Normally you'd expect gentlemen and their gorgeous ladies walk in with more decent attire but not this time sucker!!! hehehe!

After wiping our musk on his sofa, off we went to prey on other hangouts.

Apek tomatoman with Lance Armstrong's Discovery jersey lookalike. Only now it ain't Armstrong....gotta be Legstrong to go up Fraser's Hill.To keep your skin supple and young, don't forget your Banana Boat. Did she get advertising royalties for showing that bottle?? Hmm.....Goreng with lotsa salt, kicap and ajinomoto...that was after all of us were drenched by the downpour on our way back to KKB.

Dr Rum : I tell you go straight, no belok-belok...

Mich : Haaa???? Ya kah?? No wonder lah...

RHBee : Oh man, this guy is full of.........hehehe!

Ultraman Yip : (thinking to himself...what else to upgrade to sayur them kao kao)

Kamsiah, a place up on Fraser's Hil and that's also what we said after an enjoyable ride on a lovely morning at a spectacular hill of heaven on earth.

What does Kamsiah mean? In hokkien, it means Thank You!


feifeipinky said...

no worry about whether u have wrote enough on ur blog..just do it whenever u like...thou sometimes is hard to maintain a blog.. ;p

I felt lazy too sometimes to write something just to keep the blog ALIVE..hahaha. but some how when the mood is right..sure u will starts moving ur fingers on the keyboard.

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