Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My early Christmas gift

Looks can be deceiving!

Somehow Nike Lunartrainer looks a bit different from all the other running shoes we are used to. The top is plain white and the sole only appears in 1 colour, fluorescent greenish yellow, and it is a single piece that runs from toe to heel. Paint it dark green, wind back time by 25 years and it resembles shoes that we wear in school. Hahaha!

Normally we are used to having running shoes with the sole separated by a small arch but this is different. There's no arch. The sole is flat. Also, it is wider. At certain angles, it does look a bit funny but it feels good when you run in it.

So far I've done 2 slow & short recovery runs using this Lunartrainer, after the Powerman duathlon in Sri Manjung. If I can only use one word to describe Lunartrainer, then the word will be…comfortable. This Lunartrainer fits very well apart from being ultralight. Yes, looks can be deceiving! It doesn't have the fast & furious look but at least my feet didn't complain. I didn't feel the usual impact when our feet hit the tarmac, so that's a plus. Lunarlite foam has done its trick!
It is amazing to know that Lunarlite technology came from NASA. Lunarlite Foam Core is 30% lighter than typical EVA used in running shoes. Not only it was much lighter, Lunarlite provided an impact free feeling.

Upon lacing up, the ankle felt a secure grip without the usual thick padding at the sides which we're used to. Toes have a sense of freedom, didn't feel as if encased firmly. That explained the funny wide look. It was designed that way for a reason.

Looking at the sole, I noticed durable carbon rubber was located only at high-wear zones, to provide traction without increasing weight.

Overall, Lunartrainer is a very comfortable running shoe. Material used and the 'new' shape let the feet 'breathe' while running in comfort. Your feet won't feel 'beat up' as if just went through a boxing match. Something very important for long runs.


小夜@saya said...

wow! looking @how u mention it, maybe i shud get1 2 =D

Ciaklat !!! said...

alamak, tat pair of shoes really look Ciaklat!!!

at least it performs better than it looks.....

u didn't mention how much you paid for it....

trust me, if i see u wear it hear in kuching, i will be the first one to stomp on sorry ya, old habits die hard.....i have this pantang to stomp on people's shoe who looks to clean and white since primary school.....remember? everyone's shoe looks so clean and white on a Monday morning......after recess, different story la.....hahahaha

Yap! It's 3088.. said...
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Yap! It's 3088.. said...

u said it's a gift, so it's safe to assume you didn't have to buy it.

i am a little doubtful of the review when i've read it in almost every pacesetters member's blog. somehow i get the feeling nike's giving out these as free pairs to you guys??

And coincidentally, everyone's getting the shoe at the same which arouse my suspicion!! unfortunately i am not a nike fan.

Anonymous said...


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