Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Powerman 2008 report

This year’s Powerman was packed with action, pain, adrenalin, cramps, disappointment, surprise, satisfaction, achievement, laughter and not forgetting yummylicious food!

A picture paints a thousand words…check out my posting on the pix earlier.

My target this year was 4hr flat but the flat I got was a tyre!. It happened in the first 10km of the 64km bike ride. Before that unfortunate incident, I started rather well with 49min in the 11km run. With a 4hr target in mind, I pedaled into a sustainable 32-33km/h pace but before long, my rear wheel felt wobbly as I approached the 2nd traffic light junction. My ride was already not that fast and very very furious I became with a punctured tyre! “Shit!” I yelled. Surely some riders were eyeing the tarmac expecting cow dung to avoid. As I replaced the tube, one by one zoomed pass. Oh bummer! I was stationary for 10 minutes but all in all, about 15 minutes were lost. All my effort in the first run vanished. There goes my target…kapoof !!

Anyhow, it’s not the end as I could still better my time from last year’s 4hr36min debut.
Back on my Merida, it started to feel good “sayur-ing” riders especially those using Cervelos. The best was overtaking a stylo mylo Cervelo rider with a rear disc wheel and teardrop helmet. Imagine a Proton zooming past a BMW in Sepang racetrack. Hehehe!
But on the other hand, I kinda envy them being so stylo mylo. I will always remember a friend’s priceless statement…’If you can’t win, then lose in style!’

After 2 loops of 32km, 2 Powergels and nearly 2min in transition, a grueling 10km run awaits. I downed another Powergel before my legs hit the road. Cramps were what I feared most and as expected, they paid their regular quad visit till I had to squat down easing the pain. The first 3km was the worst as I walked more than I ran. Slowly I paced myself and slowly the cramps left. The 2nd 5km loop was much better although I could only do a slow pace. The 10km took me 1hr7min.

Finishing Powerman at 4hr17min was 19min better than last year but it could have been satisfying without the puncture. Oh well, next year will come and a different flat I look for…
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