Monday, December 29, 2008

Home for Christmas

Last Christmas was celebrated in KL and this year, I was home for Christmas. Haven't been back to hometown for more than a year and I surprised myself on the flight even from inside aircraft at LCCT. What I did resembled a tourist visiting the island of Borneo for the very first time. A city called Kuching was where the plane headed.

I snapped some pix as a story of me going home... Airasia...where everyone can fly...

Palm plantations, highways, industrial parks, housing estates...endless development

Flying pass Pekan, leaving peninsula east coast

Clouds never fail to amaze me. Flying gave the best opportunity of getting as close as possible to the many different cloud varieties we see in the sky.

Beautiful cloud formation at different altitude
My favourite ...plane flying in between 2 layers of clouds

Hot & bothered weather in KL became cool & refreshing in Kuching. I was told that everyday, nonstop, the skies open, flora & fauna danced in the rain. True enough as from the aircraft window, patches of Kuching were covered by dark clouds.

Rivers snaking out to sea...
Flying pass industrial area heading towards Kuching International Airport

We have landed... I'm home

Welcome to Kuching. Surprisingly the clouds cleard by evening

Kuching also suffers with traffic jam

Beautiful sunset to end the day...
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