Thursday, December 18, 2008

What a blessed weekend!

Team Hyper Gila conquered a 185km KL – Ipoh ride on Saturday 29th Nov and subsequently joined a “recovery” 12.8km KRI run on Sunday 30th Nov.

THANK the Lord for a beautiful and perfect weather for our long ride to Ipoh. With enchanting mist in the early morning and pleasant cloudy sky throughout our journey, what else could we ask for!

Team Hyper Gila riders arrived punctually at 730am and all were psyched up for a ride that money can’t buy…priceless!

Tony Q – Leader, marshall, event manager….basically he’s the boss
Chan Weng Kai – professional photographer

Debbie, Michelle, San, Bernard, Bobby, Jason, Keat Seong, Kenny, Khoo, Ngae & tomato Ray

Support team:
Carol, Gerard, Jezamine, Lydia, Ming

1st stop – Ulu Yam. Breakfast
2nd stop – Slim River. Drinks replenishment.
3rd stop – Bidor. Lunch
4th stop – Kampar. Cha siew pau
Finish at KRI run finish line 5pm+

Carbo loading after ride & before run

KRI 12.8km run results:
Ming – 1st in women veteran
San – 2nd in women open
Mich – 4th in women open
Jason – 3rd in men veteran
Other men – habuk pun tada!

Riders on stage!
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