Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Penang Malakoff 26km

Penang Malakoff 26km run can be considered as Penang tour on foot, except this time it's running, not walking. The route took us from Tanjung Bungah to Gurney Drive before zig zagging pass colonial heritage buildings downtown and back to beautiful Youth Park. Flagged off at 530am, I paced with Kenny and a few local speedy gonzales. They were busy talking as their pace was more like jogging to them but both Kenny & I were panting like fish out of water! 2km into it & the gentle slope began. With moonlight illuminating the eerie graveyards and dogs howling away, going up that long hill resembled one of those zombie movies.

As we approached an hour into the race, my pace dropped slightly and the sight of the two speedy gonzales became smaller and smaller. Rats! It always happen! Somehow or rather my legs dropped a gear as if to recharge 15-20minutes before resuming to race pace again. Maybe my body is too used to the Sri Hartamas Petronas pit stop on the usual Sunday long runs.

Gurney Drive was different. hawker stalls...and where's everyone? Eh, it was early morning! Oh sorry, my brain only remembered how Gurney Drive is at night. 3rd water station at the end of Gurney Drive meant 15km has been completed. Had my much needed Power Gel, downed with cups & cups of water, I hoped to maintain the pace all the way to the finish line. 11km to go...oh boy!

Heading to the 3rd check point, I saw a lonely Kenyan coming back the opposite direction. He was the last of the eight and being the slowest among them, he was in way in front of the fastest Malaysian and was at least 5km ahead of me! Depressing to think about it...hahaha!

The final 5km was a lot of turns. Left, right, left, right and my calves were screaming in pain. Saw the 22km signage, checked my target went up in smoke. No more sub2. :(

But at least I had someone to "sayur" although I should be ashamed cos that runner was a veteran!

The final km was a long and winding road into Youth Park. Sprinted the last 100m and crossed the finish line with a 2min too late time of 2.02

But I must say it was a good run. Kudos to Quick Release!

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