Friday, September 4, 2009

Almost 1hr

Last night, after having leftover dinner, watching news, Fb-ing for a while, I felt restless...very restless. Something's not right...something's missing!
Oh crap...I haven't ran for a while...a long long while. And I haven't settled my credit card bill as well. Argh! Wallet bleeding again!
So I went down to PJ state on my loaned Giant MTB. No more driving this time round.Sure enough it was FUN! Not the usual fun on a road bike cos this time, I didn't have to avoid bumps or potholes. Haha!
With my helmet and bike, the bank security must have thought I m a robber. I got stopped immediately as I pushed my bike in...well, I can't leave it outside and invite someone to steal it right? Anyway, after getting poorer settling my credit card, off I went riding round PJ state. Still too many cars...couldn't do much...had to go back lah.

Got back, offloaded bike and I ran. Yes, I ran! Not a long run but it's fantastic to run again after so long...although I must say my fitness is gone! Only did a few laps around my condo. Not even 5km! Crap!

All in all, amost 1hr of workout and that was it. Enough but I felt good. Knee is A ok!

So this Sunday, 20km, maybe?
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