Sunday, January 31, 2010

27 days to 17 hours

27 Feb 2010 is the day of 3.8km swim , 180km bike before the 42km marathon. It will be my 2nd Ironman and hopefully not the last but this time is unlike last year when I was in between jobs, meaning plenty of time to train. I had 6 months then but this time...2 months mediocre mileage.

Last year I used breaststroke in the entire 3.8km swim. My freestyle then was...not that free! 100m and you'll see me panting like fish out of water. It's gonna be different this time but I doubt the time is going to be shaved much. Freestyle is my style and hope I can minimise my zig zagging. If not I may end up in Sawadeekap land. Hah!

Being a maiden last year, there was more anxiety rather than enjoyment. Never knew how my swim was going to be, never knew how my ride would take me and never knew if my legs would let me run to the finish line.

Well, I did, Thank God I did!

2010, I want to cross that finish line again...
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