Monday, January 4, 2010

Last 42.195km for 2009

Yes, it's 2010 and I'm posting an old 2009 report... :P

At first I was trying to decide on which I should wear. Is it going to be Mizuno Wave Elixir3 or Nike Lunatrainer? Both were marathon proven. Oh shucks! Which pair should I wear? Then I realised I've not ran the 42km in my Nike Lunaglider. Longest distance was only 10km. Ok then, black stallion it will be!

This time in SG, we stayed at Lynette's home. It was hospitality at its best! On race day, we were served with ham & egg + bread + milo. Oh, we here means Debbie, Michelle & me.

Kelvin was supposed to be with us but a nasty immigration officer didn't let him leave Malaysia. Poor guy had to say goodbye to us as he headed home to Seremban. His race went up in smokes...just like that. No race kit either as those in charge in Expo collection centre were very strict in giving out race kits. No IC or passport, no race kit.

Collecting our race kits had its drama as well. I sort of brought them to "holland" when we ended up at Suntec Exhibition Centre insead of Expo centre in Tanah Merah! Blurr like tomato I was! Finally after a long and made winding road by yours truly, we reached Expo 5.

Met Tey, Mac, Arif, May Senn & Chan Weng Kai, collected our race kits at the centre which looked more like 'kandang kuda', toured exhibition hall before heading to Lynette's place in Pasir Ris.

Good rest, good dinner, good sleep, good's gonna be a good good run!

Ham + egg + bread + milo = yummylicious! Best pre-race breakfast!

Hey Charlie's angels, move aside and give way to the Running Angels!

Race Day - 6 Dec 2009

Reached the padang half an hour before gun off and as we walked to store our bags at Lynette's company booth, a group of Kenyans zoomed past us. Their warming up pace looked like our sprint to finish line in a 100m event! Fuyoh!
17,500 registered and even with 12,000 turning up at start enclosure, it's going to be crowded. Sure enough, we took at least 10min to enter the enclosure. Didn't expect to be able to meet any friends but luck was on our side and we met Lee, Yap, Bee, Mohan and Jezamine plus a few familiar KL runners.
Ready for 21,42

530am bang! Ran the first 3km with Mich before we bid each other all the best and "See you at the finish line". I increased to my own pace, reached the 20km mark at 1hr44min. So far so good, caught up with the 3.45 pacers. These guys are simply having fun, happily doing pacing for those who set their sub4 target. I was hoping to stay with them to the end but felt calves twitching at the 26km mark. Had to slow down a wee bit but at 30km, had to do some serious stretching. At this point, I've already had 2 Powergels but my damm cramping muscles need more sodium, potassium and whatever sium they can get....sigh...
The rest of the run resembled my many other events...walk...jog...cramps...kanina looking face...and the rest is history.
200m to go and I saw my watch 3:51...another sub4 is in the bag but nope, no PB this time round. Crossed finish line 3:53:32
Ok lah...not too bad considering lack of long runs in Nov.
Well, it's a good run. A good buildup to Langkawi Ironman in less than 3 months time.
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