Sunday, April 18, 2010

Engine started but out of tune

This morning's Bkt Aman - Hartamas run was...TOUGH! Since IM Langkawi I've not done serious running so that explains it.
Woke up 7am and quickly rushed to Bkt Aman knowing most runners are already halfway in their weekend LSDs. But I gotta do something before Bidor Half. Michelle & I started 745am and we could see 1 by 1 finishing, cooling down and doing their regular stretching. We have yet to warm up! Hahaha!
Met John walking back wearing his rastaman beanie as we went out to Jln Parlimen. Yesterday 3 of us did 50km bike ride at Ulu Langat. No Peres this time. We went up Bkt Hantu instead. My 2nd climb up that hill which didn't appear to be that steep anymore :)

Hartamas...845am. Hungreeeeee!!! Stomach was protesting! Running back was a torture. As we approached Bank Negara museum, I opted for the short cut thru JKR and across Padang Merbok. Reached Bkt Aman carpark almost 10am. Relief!

At least I started my 'engine'. Now to tune it!!
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