Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bidor Bidor Bidor

Bidor Half Marathon, a perfect run in a small town away from the hustle bustle in Klang valley. Green jungle instead of the concrete jungle!

25th April, hundreds of runners 'terrorised' 21km of Bidor roads.

The medal from Bidor Half Marathon is the heaviest I ever got comparing all the races in Malaysia. Very nice and detailed design as well. Did you see Paula Radclife on the medal??
Apart from just being a yearly half marathon, Bidor town comes alive with runners ploughing through the coffee shops, restaurants and hotels way up to Tapah and Kampar.

For half marathons and as far as I remember, my last one was...RMAF 21km two years ago. Oh man, was it so long ago???
This year will be a year of half marathons. Time to do just half half and full marathons will be taking a break. :)

As expected, there won't be any PB. I'm happy to finish it under 1.45
Guess what? I was 1min slower than my PB. Not bad at all considering lack of speedwork.

The girls is a different story.
Saya San 4th, Shih Ming 3rd and Michelle 2nd. Fast girls!!!
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