Friday, May 21, 2010


Nice sharing from a friend...

I must work the works of Him who sent Me
John 9:4

The Bible word for passion is zeal. Without it, life can become pretty drab. Everything is a 'have to' and nothing is a 'want to' or a 'must'. Zeal keeps you going when others quit. It pushes you through the toughest times and gives you energy you didn't know you possessed. Nothing can take its place. Opportunity can't, for example. Opportunity may open the door, but without zeal you won't make the most of your opportunities and you won't get to your destiny. Howard Hendricks said, 'You don't put live eggs under dead chickens.' That's what opportunities are to people without zeal. Knowledge can't replace zeal. Some of America's worst presidents are reputed to have been the smartest. And some of the greatest, such as Abraham Lincoln, had very little formal education. A résumé may get you through the door, but that's as far as it will get you. Talent won't replace zeal either. There are many people in the world with great natural talent who never achieve personal or professional success. Talent is like money; it only grows when you put it to work. Finally, others can't. You will never be successful without the help of others, but merely being surrounded with the right people doesn't guarantee success. A team with no heart won't succeed. Zeal is the difference-maker. And one of the secrets of having zeal, is knowing that God has truly called and gifted you to do a certain thing. Jesus said, 'I must work the works of Him who sent Me.' This kind of zeal is not taught but 'caught'' so if you're lacking in it today, spend more time with Jesus.
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