Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Gunung Datuk - Gunung Angsi

This mountain circuit challenge was something different from the usual road running which we are accustomed to in Klang valley, Singapore, Ipoh, Penang or overseas. It's something like a mini climbathon up Mount Kinabalu.

I missed the first in Gunung Tampin and can't remember why but Gunung Datuk was my first visit. The race up the 800m+ mountain was over a month ago where I went together with Tony & Michelle, met YeeChoi and very soon came along Dave, Lydia, Kenny & Debbie.

It was a vertical race where the girls did very well. Podium and top10.
And the guys...well, what can I say but ...habuk pun tada!


The climb at Gunung Angsi was longer than Datuk. Flat hashing before reaching the climb.

That's how the peak looked somebody's orchard!
Me at Gunung Angsi peak

Again the girls won. Michelle got 5th. I was again out of top10 for any prizes...sob...sob...
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