Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Run In Memory of Ngae Koh Hieng

15 May 2010, Ngae Koh Hieng passed away. He's a friend, mentor, father figure to us. In the sports arena, he has countless times inspired and encouraged everyone. His trademark is running barefooted with sarong.
He will be dearly missed...

There's a run this Sunday, in memory of Ngae. All are invited.

Below are the details from Facebook, courtesy of Wan Yew Leong. To register, please go to!/event.php?eid=121790374510721

Date: Sunday, May 23, 2010
Time: 6:30am - 8:30am
Location: Bukit Aman Car-park, Jln Tangling, Kuala Lumpur

This coming Sunday when Pacesetters members have their morning run it would be a run in memory of our fellow member and friend, Ngae Koh Hieng who passed away suddenly on 15 May 2010. All runners and triathletes who know him are invited to this run in memory of him. We try to print a set of souvenir bibs in memory of Ngae but wearing it to run is optional. The distance to run is up to you, the usual 10km Double Hill or any distance you fancy. It is entirely for fellowship.

In an after thought, we have decided that we have a pot luck breakfast party for participants of the Run in Memory of Ngae. To start the ball rolling, Tammy Lim will bring a pot of Tong Sui, Chan WK his table and 3 in one coffee and Milo. I will prepare my signature teh tarik. The rest of you who are able to bring something, here are the suggestions; additional table or two, isotonic drinks, mineral water, fruits like bananas and water melons, cakes, bread and buns, sandwich, meehoon, noodles, eggs, biscuits, cups, paper towel, plates, bowls, forks and spoons. I will just leave it to your imagination. I don't know exactly how many will turn up but as at 10am 19 May 2010, 99 have signed up on my Facebook event for the run. I have ordered 150 souvenir bibs from Francis Cheng.

6.00am - issuance of souvenir bibs

6.29am - one minute silence before run

6.30am - Flag off run

8.15am - Pot-luck Breakfast at Bukit Aman Car-park

10.00am - End of Event
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