Friday, June 3, 2011

SAS International Eco Challenge in Tioman

This is the 2nd time I DNF (did not finish) due to cut off time. My first was Kinabalu Climbathon but it was expected then. The cut off time was 2hr30min to reach peak and 2hr down to finish line. Only the elites can do it. I'm just a elite wannabe so I still dream about it...hahaha!

As for this, the challenge is not just for anyone as well. The so called trail was cut out from primary jungle by the army. In fact, only about 20% of the race route was clear trail...the rest, we just have to look out for yellow ribbons tied up somewhere along the way...

Distance : 30km

Time : 7hrs
Registration the day before. That's the closest I ever get to the Kenyan elites!

Military medic on standby. They need the military to do it as it's a very tough job, not for school's St John's or Red Cresent.

Starting line.... after 1km along the golf greens, welcome to the jungle!

Climbed rocks, jumped over crevasse, abseiled down boulders, tripped by roots, scraped by thorns...things we did in Tioman island. Where was the beach? The sea? Fishes? Beach resort?Halfway checkpoint with Rescue Team. So many emergency beds...expecting participants to kaput?

Cooling down using village water tank before going inside jungle ...again...

Beach at Kpg. Genting, checkpoint D1, where we were stopped from going any further. Distance covered 20km. Time taken 7hrs15min!!
Although only 2 more checkpoints left to go but the distance is another strenuous 10km. So near yet so very very far!

At the jetty waiting for boat back to Tekek.
DNF comes with free Rescue boat ride! At least that's a consolation! Hahahah!
If you think you're tough, try this Eco Challenge. Out of 250 participants, less than 100 made it.

I failed to make it to the finish line, I'm still weak. So next year, I'll be back! I want to toughen myself up!!!!!!!

Pix from Chong, Yim. Muchos gracias!

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yipwt said...

this one tough like shit...better be well prepared next year.

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