Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Which run?

This coming July, I have listed 13 sporting events, either a run, a ride or a triathlon. But it's more, a lot more than 13. Could double up for all I know. Looks like every organisers cramping them before the Muslim month of fasting begins. So here we are, deciding which to join...every weekend with 3-4 events taking place simultaneously. Bummer! Dilemma!

ntv 7 fun run, Siemens run, Subang Jaya run,McDonald Olympic fun run, Jog for Hope, Century Ride, Seremban half marathon, Port Dickson Triathlon, Centro Klang run, Admiral run, SHAPE run...which run to join?

To date, I've signed up for... ntv7 fun run on 3rd July. Only 1 for July? Yes, only 1...so far. Initially the plan was to go downunder, down to the Gold Coast Marathon in Australia. But...but...but...always a but...it's kinda pricey. Need about RM2,500 for a decent trip. Pricey! Expensive! Damm our lousy ringgit!!!

Talking about pricey, the local runs are all going up and up and up, in price. Hardly can find a RM10 run, not like before. Now the minimum is RM30 for a 10km. Worse still when you have event companies organizing them. For example, SHAPE/Men's Health run started RM20 a few years back and now it's RM50. Every year without fail, just like fuel prices, running in events is getting more and more expensive. And that is just running. In duathlon or triathlon, the charges are way above RM100.

As for overseas, the nearest...Singapore...the Sing dollar will suck your ringgit dry! What about Thailand? Cheaper runs but flights, accomodation...and mind you, some events there can get pricey as well.

So how? Which run?


dannie chOOng said...

LSD from Bukit Aman. Distance : As long as you like. Cost : RM$10 per person. Benefit : I'll wait for you back at Bukit Aman with 2 X 100+ !!! :)
Agreed, running event is indeed getting more and more expensive. Better be volunteer, can get free t-shirt, food and sometimes even pocket money. muahahaha...

cRAzYtoMatOmaN-D said...

Hahaha! Good one Dannie!

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