Thursday, November 3, 2011

Kinabalu Climbathon Project - Finale

View from Mt. Kinabalu at km7.5, altitude of around 3800m. Distance of 1.2km to the peak with another 200m elevation thereabout.
2nd time joining this Climbathon, 2nd time failure to reach the peak. This time, with added salt to the wound as I had another hour on top of the 2hr30min cut off time. Sad...

But happy on the other hand. Met the skyrunner champions from Italy, Spain, USA, New Zealand, Japan and our very own Sabahans.

Next year will be a different route. It'll be the Adventure Series, starting from Kinabalu Park, ascend halfway up from Timpohon Gate, turned to Mersilau trail and final 10km on tarmac to Kundasang.

Until then, enjoy the video...


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