Monday, November 14, 2011

PJ Half Marathon 2011

A long anticipated race with a mission!
Target was to do a PB (personal best). 1hr 35min will be nice with current best time at 1hr38min

Running jersey this time is different. It gives a psychological boost as it was a gift from Marco De Gespari, the record holder of Mt Kinabalu International Climbathon. But in a way, it's also a bit of a pressure as I need to justify the speedy image. Hahaha!

At the start line, together with Moey, Jea-Pierre and Dave, we were laughing non stop as the Runkeeper app on my phone went on & off with loud "Activity started...activity paused!" causing runners around us feeling uneasy. Perhaps it disrupted their focus. Hahahhaa!

With a loud bang, Kenyans sprinted out of sight and together with them went Yip.

The first 2km I was pacing with Hin Tong. Once hitting Federal Highway, he went ahead, his way. I was on my own pace till the exit turning into the road to Subang airport. A blister formation nagging at my right foot which made me stopped to remove the socks. Looking behind, Ronnie also stopped to tie his shoe laces. Going down the gentle hill, he caught up with me and we paced each other till Hin Tong appeared. Asked him to join us but he said he 'koyak'. At the same time, Hooi Siah came along but chose to pace with us. So Ronnie, Hooi and me tomatoman paced each other till the U turn near Terminal 2 of Subang airport.

As we passed km15, Ronnie increased pace. I tried to stick to him but slowly drafted behind and the gap went longer as the km increased. My pace was also slowing down as I made my way up the last 'hill', the flyover above road going into Ara Damansara. Could feel my legs getting heavy. With 2km left, Julie Foreman overtook me. she had impressive fast cadence! Just as I was about to turn into Kelana Jaya road, a youngster speeding in his car jammed his brakes behind me. I jumped, yes, literally jumped! He could have knocked and sent my flying. Where was the marshal or police officer to control the traffic?!?!?

It broke my pace and got my heart pounding for a different reason. Damm!

I continued the final km and was glad I was still in one piece. Ran into the stadium, saw Ronnie reaching the finish line. I was about 200-250m behind him. Looking back to ensure nobody's going to overtake me at the last moment like adidas KOTR, I cruised to finish line with a time of 1hr 33min 49sec.

Yes! Mission accomplished! Did a PB which is sub1:35. Managed to shaved 4min off my last PB.

Position was 22nd and my bib number was A0222.

Happy happy joy joy!

Ronnie was 1min ahead while Yip was way way way in front of us, 1hr22min, 12th, just behind national marathoner, 10th, and 9 Kenyans.

Next race, mission is to chase Yip! Hehehe!

Michelle finished 8th, her PB as well. She did her target of sub1:50. Wonderful!! :)

Our next BIG race is The Most Beautiful Thing, Ultra Trail Run in Sabah. Both of us took the challenge of 50km.

Report up sooooooonnnnnn......


K3vski said...

Wah very garang your finishing pic. Well done and congrats on your PB!

cRAzYtoMatOmaN-D said...

Thanks bro!
finally doing a PB so I was letting out all the steam...hahaha!

When are you coming back?

K3vski said...

Christmas time, hope to see you then!

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