Monday, December 12, 2011


Mou Man Tai means No Problem in Cantonese.

This was the first time I had BEER after running! Yes! Beer!

Dutamas Runners were one of the craziest & loudest group. You can see the crazy fun we had from the pix. Many thanks to Andrew for the shiok compilation!

Yammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Sennnnnnnnnnnnggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A casual non competitive run but you know us runners. Any run is competitive. We can't help it. Somehow we just pia kao lat. Hahahaha!
It was held on a Sunday evening in TTDI. Organised by Tom Dick & Harry pub. Yes! any tom dick and harry can join in. :P
We did a 5km run from the pub to Kiara park & back.

Yup, I ran...or pia rather...pia kao lat and led from start to finish. Yahoo! My first win in a run...a casual run. Other runs....sorry la...I can't challenge the fast legs.

Got a voucher worth RM650 from Skateline. The only thing I can get with the voucher is a pair of inline skates.

But I don't!


Piffles said...

gambar siapa buat? Andrew meh?

Khairul said...

give me the voucher

i skate

cRAzYtoMatOmaN-D said...

Khairul, how to contact you?

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