Thursday, December 15, 2011

I went beyond 42km...part 1

Running further than 42km? No way! I'm not into ultra running!
Well, that was history.

When Sabah Adventure Challenge came up with Ultra Trail Run, The Most Beautiful Thing, I saw trail running and forgot ultra! It was either 100km or 50km...trail. I'm not ultra ultra 100km yet so 50km will do just fine...I hope!
This year, the shift has been from on road to off road and I'm getting hooked. Trail run is just more exciting, more spiritually fulfilled!It's where you are 1 with nature...not like tarzan but somewhere there minus the gorillas and tigers. Hahaha!

Justice finally served on using my trail shoes. With splashes of mud, it looks the name, trail shoe. And I purposely bought a new pair for this 50km.
Training saw me going into FRIM, Kiara, Gasing more than before and maybe be as much as on the road. Even started a group called Trail Runners in Facebook.
TMBT is the biggest event for me this year. 50km trail running is somewhat equivalent to at least 70km on the road.

Michelle & yours truly tomatoman flew to KK on 4th November. Met Shine in KLIA. After checking into official event hotel, Mega D'Aru, lunch time saw us together with Tony and Chong. Yim, Chin Ann, Paul joined later. After that, Yip. Seemed like lunch never ended. Good for carbo loading eh...Hahaha!

Afternoon nap...evening walk to Tanjung Aru beach front...dinner...back to hotel for race pack collection & briefing. Adeline arrived around 9pm due to flight delay from Singapore. Which airline? AA la...who else...sigh!

Last re-check of race pack before off to dreamland. Alarm set 4am but somehow woke up before it rang.

Breakfast with ultra ppl and off we went on bus convoy to Kota Belud. Quite a distance from KK and once arrived, we were all in awe with Mt Kinabalu in sight ... something different to the usual view from Kundasang.

100km & 50km runners started their ultra trail journey together.

Stay tuned for Part 2...coming to a blog near you...  :D

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gracie said...

Wah so suspense!!!! Can't wait to read part II.

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