Thursday, September 15, 2011

Trail shoes

New Balance 840 - my first trail running shoes. Maybe I should say imported trail running shoes as "kampung adidas" was my gear during Gunung Datuk race. :P

Believe it or not, this model I bought is in fact designed for women. Yes! Women...not men! Got it in Singapore in 2009 during the Singapore Marathon Expo. How Much? SGD50!!! Yes, only RM125 going by the present exchange rate. There's no way we can get it at that price in bolehland. Boleh? Tak boleh! Sad!
Anyway, back to the shoe... I felt very comfortable wearing them. Hmm...does that mean I have feminine shaped feet? Argh!! No!!!!! But then again, my feet are sexy aren't they? Hahahahah!

Ok, back to serious matters...
The heel to toe drop is minimal, giving more stability to the already low heel. It actually felt like road racers. Don't know the exact weight but to me, it's quite light comparing to other trail running shoes.
The mini studs provide excellent grip on rocks. Made of sticky rubber. Good for descending slopes. A good pick for dry trail but for muddy trails, you will be looking at weight training for your legs! Extra 1kg due to mud sticking to the soles. Well, it's a trade off for the excellent grip.

Adidas Kanadia TR3
The profile resemble NB840, only that the heel commands higher ground...slightly. I was looking at an orange coloured pair but stocks ran out. At that time, it was having a 30% discount on retail price of RM260. I hesitated at first but after surveying other brands around that price range, this is the best bet. But, stocks ran out and yellow ones had no discount. Darn! 2 weeks after that, God heard my cries. The yellow ones went on sale! Yup! 30% discount as well. Happy to get it under RM200. In fact, I've not bought running shoes above far...except bike clip on shoes which puched me out for RM499!

Anyway, this pair of Adidas has aggressive looking mini sole studs. Wearing it makes you feel like Bumblebee Mustang. Hahaha!
So far, I've only tried it out once in Gasing trails and a recce for Salomon X-Trail Run. Good support, flexible mid & fore front, excellent rock grip but just like, NB840, muddy trail means extra weight.

It'll be my gear for the big one, The Most Beautiful Thing, a 50km trail run in Sabah.

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