Monday, September 26, 2011

1 2 3...Boleh?

Last Friday afternoon, I was rushing to clear some work and banking chores. I could have used the fast flowing highway like I always do but ended up winding through LDP, SS2, Sect14, PJ State. Ironic isn't it? I have no idea why I did that then...
Stuck in traffic lights, I was scolding myself for being a dumbo!

Radio channel tuned to BFM...Business FM...and through that jam, an interview came on air. Usually BFM have corporate or financial experts in their show but that afternoon, it was different. The radio host interviewed a few children from Myanmar with the oldest being 15years...

Being Christians and of the Chin clan, their father a Pastor, they came to Malaysia as refugees to stay alive. In their homeland, their lives were threatened. Although they converse slowly, they were fluent in English! 1 The oldest attends school in the morning, works part time in the afternoon and study at night. He did say it's tiring. No doubt about that being so hard working. 2
His ambition? A doctor. Where? Back in Myanmar to help the people. 3

1 2 3...English...hard

We need that 1 2 3 in bolehland.


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