Thursday, October 6, 2011

White Rock Mountain

White Rock Mountain...sounds like a Hollywood movie, don't you think?

It's been months and I realised missing something in my blog...the Gunung Batu Putih hike!!!

A trip with something interesting that happened in the middle of the night...muahahaha!

Merdeka - Raya long holidays was hiking & camping for us, the mountain freaks. The only time when the mountains are not congested and there's more holidays :P 8 of us plus a guide and his assistant...pix above courtesy of guide mountaineer and outdoor adventurer, Ah Thong. Row left to right...Yoro, Kenny, Soo Min, Hsing Ling, Debbie, Michelle and Lian Meng. Kenny & Debbie are our kaki panjat gunung, by default. Another is travelling overseas. don't know why or how but we just clicked when it comes to hiking and travelling.

My last hike was last year, up Gunung Irau and transverse to Gunung Kuning. Can't remember if I blogged on that...ahahha!

Hiking is more an annual event, once a year and Merdeka long holidays or Raya long holidays are reserved for it.

This mountain is only a few feet shy of the G7 group. It's 6,993ft above sea level, if I'm not mistaken. Located near Cameron Highlands actually, somewhere in Sungai or Kampung Woh area.

This time, we only had 2 or was it 3 river crossings. Reason I mentioned this was because in 2009, our hike to Gunung Yong Yap had us crossing a river...many many times! It's not because we love to cross rivers but the trail was wiped out by serious floods which totally re-routed the river flow at certain parts. As to Yong Yap, don't ask me cos I have no clue as to who or why it called that name.

Anyway, back to White Mountain. Ahh yes, this name has a valid reason. Three quarter of the way up, you'll come across a false peak and there you can see a rock face...a white rock face...not totally white but enough white to be called Batu Putih. :P

Photo on the right showed where we slept...or camped...without tents...only sleeping mat & bag. Rock overhang was huge enough for shelter and to shield us from rain. This huge rock was halfway to the peak.

And that's where something happened in the middle of the night! First night, we celebrated mooncake festival. Brought some lanterns and mooncakes. It's also when we celebrated Lian Meng's birthday. Managed to bring up 2 cans of beer solely for this! Hahaha!

Good thing about this camp site is a crystal clear stream which flows beside it. If you stand ther and take a good look, it seems like water gushing out from a rock formation. Cold and fresh! That strikes out lack of water which happens to be the biggest problems during hikes.

Ok, back to that something which happened in the middle of the night. Happened on the 2nd night. It happened around 1am+...the night was pitch black as we didn't have the luxury of moonlight up on the peak. But then again, it was new moon, so no bright moonlight la. I slept about 3metres away from the group. Why? Space constraint...flat space...My spot was higher than the rest and it's more like the edge of the semi-enclosed area. What happened was of the supernatural. Something woke me up. Felt a rush of wind passing beside me. At the same time, I heard a sound resembling someone tripping. I thought someone went for a wee-wee came back and tripped on my shoes placed beside me. But was still pitch black when I opened my eyes to have a look. Nobody! Silence...Slowly the creeps set in. Straight away I prayed to Jesus for protection and strength to overcome my fear. Moments later, I turned on my headlight lamp, shone around , expecting to be scared shitless with what I see shoes were untouched. Everyone was fast asleep. No animals either. So what was it? You tell me...

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