Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Getting there...

September 2011 was a good month, achievement wise, personal best improved although it can still get better :)

Salomon X-Trail Run
Distance : 10.5km
Time : 46:05
Pace : 4:23
Position : 7th
Prizes only for Top5...sob...sob...sob...

Happy to know I finished Top 10

Is was more cross country/dirt road run rather than a trail run. Organised in UPM cattle farm by PACM, title sponsored by Salomon. This is my best Top10 position so far for this year. Started fast, kept 3rd half the way before the elites overtook me with ease. The route was slightly slippery with cow dung to avoid, not mentioning a couple of hills to tackle.

After so many road runs, this run was a good change! Something different. Hope they will continue to have more of these cross country runs.
Many thanks to photographers - Yap, Weng Kai, Moey and those whom I can't remember who :P for these awesome action packed shots!

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zErOiCe said...

Congrats Tomato Man! :)

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