Monday, October 17, 2011

Do everything , learn everything

In the past year, I've done...

1. rented shop
2. layout for office, production room, store room
3. local authorities for approval
4. applied phone, fax, internet lines
5. selected contractor for renovation works
6. office workstations, store room racking
6. transfered and setup production machines
7. shipped in raw materials
8. designed label
9. produced packaging materials
10. run production
11. list products in retail outlets
12. sell
13. brand our products
13. make $$$

but this is not my own company!

I'm working for a company! Boss say "Do it", so I do...

On top of that, I've got more...

1. scout for products to import
2. select companies to do business with
3. import
4. sell
5. make $$$

Provide marketing, research & development, new product development support to a subsidiary company owned by the same boss.

Throughout my career, this job I'm in now is the most complex. I have to do almost everything. A lot to do!
But on the bright side, I must say I'm fortunate to have this opportunity cos I learned so much!!! So so much! And yet, I've got time for my outdoor hobbies...or swim, bike, run, hike, climb, and more...

And I really thank God for answering my prayers. Amen!

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